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Gen Con 2015

Taun Taun Girl

Guess who will be debuing her first time in the Artists' Alley at Gen Con this August of 2015....ME!

Super excited to be able to take part in the show this year, especially since we couldn't make it last year. Anyone who plans on going should try and stop by to say hello, it would be nice to meet some people in the RL. Other than that, I might have some secret discounts for the show...not 100% sure on that as of yet though. 

Dec 3, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Life in General

John G Wolf visits Ohio

Well, John just left heading south after a couple of days of visiting. To bad I had to work 3rds and then sleep a lot. Very nice visit. Good fortune, weather and acquaintances along the way dude.
Pic from right before he left.

Oct 3, 2012 by: Casca1967 in: Life in General

Back at it....

Well as you can see I'm back at the art a little more constant than I have in the past. :)
I happy about this, but it does mean that I have more time on my hands which in turn means I'm in between jobs. lol
Oh well it seems to happen from time to time. Keep your fingers crossed for me on finding new work.
But untill than please enjoy the new pieces that will come form this. ;)

May 20, 2012 by: JohnGWolf in: Life in General
So, life's been out to get me for a little while now, and most recently it all got topped off via my computer having a pretty terrible meltdown! The good news is, I've got a backup of everything I was working on! Hooray! The bad news is, it'll probably be quite a number of months before I can get myself a new setup.
I've been drawing a whole mess of comics lately (as some people around here can attest, as they have been assaulted with it most heinously). I've made a special site - Context Free Comics - updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So stop by as often as you like!
Sorry I have not been very active as of late but I have a new job installing LED lighting, and it's been keeping me very busy. So without saying I only have the week ends to work on my art. I hope to have a few more submissions soon.
Sorry for my abrupt disappearance. Life got a little out of hand, but things are settling down now and I should be getting back to doing some more works and filling requests. Again I'm sorry if you had a request that did not get done shoot me a mail and I'll get right on it. :)
Sometimes, life can really pull us down with many hardship and obstacles to surmount. You feel like giving up, throwing up your hands and then fall to the ground in abject surrender to the difficulties. So here are some motivational posters I made to get you through the day! WOOHOO!
Me and my friends are gearing up for a new SW campaign, set in the future of Star Wars, many years after the galactic civil war. So far, they've come up with a Trianii Ranger, a Sluissi scoundrel, and a Miraluka Jedi Investigator.
I just finished Jynx for the event! You can check her out here (unless she gets removed)or you can check her out at