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Ok this is for any of you that wish to get to know me...
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Sep 8, 2010 by: JohnGWolf in: Life in General

Memorial Day (US)

When I was 19, I joined the Army National Guard. I went to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I got yelled at a lot, I did a ton of push-ups and learned that I am a fair shot with a rifle.

May 31, 2010 by: fizzyglug in: Life in General

Back :)

Hey hey all.

Im an old member returning (think my last art I did displayed here was 2002 pretty much when SWAG was started! Life has been hectic with all sorts going on in my life, and finally a little more time and with the new year my new years resolution was to pick up that penicl and load up photoshop again. Oddly enough ive started running a Star Wars campaign with friends on a weekend which has led to a lot of inspiration.

Feb 2, 2010 by: Korris in: Life in General
swagers, i def love you all... but more that i am frusterated by those that make requests then dont even respond when we draw for them. i will always draw star wars and will post them here for sure... but requests are on hold for now.
WHEW i was busy with some fan art there for a while! some of it was star wars related and you can check em out here:
fellow swag artists... i have a confession. i worry about how my style fits in here. there are amazing artists that do some great work here. the style of these artists fits into a genre of art that fits very well into the RPG world. while i have been gaming ever since i can remember being alive! i feel that my style might not be what requesters want here. am i too stylized for this site? maybe i am... thats okay with me (i am true to my art. i can draw in any style i have come across, but this is how i want to draw) but i would like some honest feedback. give it to me straight swagers...
Jedi Pupils
Okay, I'm now so far deep in requests that I feel I need to post some sort of running count. I've been doing this on paper at home but it occurs to me that all you lovely people that have made these requests of me might want to know how far away they are!! I'd like to point out that this is NOT an invitation to add to this list! If you want a picture drawn up please PM me as usual - I don't want this to start resembling a school sports sign-up sheet... Anyway, here's what we've got as of today;
Lineart for Bwa's character Tokat'shak. Going for a cute angle here. ;)
For those of you who don't keep up with the DeviantArtz... I've been keeping busy - I finally finished my most authoritative series of Asok Yeesrim portraits, including a line-up of Asok in 5 different outfits! I also made character portraits and a line-up of my group's characters for our current campaign we just started (set in KOTOR era), which is actually a prequel to the campaign we just concluded. I really should be spending less time on this stuff, and more time on homework... but whatever. :P
Ello all, Recently I was gifted with a wacom tablet and Photoshop by my boyfriend. I have to admit that digital media is a bit intimidating: however since I am also still learning the finer arts of watercolor I suppose it is also an excellent time to pick up on CG. Anyways, my reason for ranting is...well, for ranting sake!