Digital Art Pursuits


School's still going pretty strong, and I only have till April before I am booted out into the adult world for good.

I'm taking Digital Illustration, which is now being offered at my school (we are an old fashioned traditional academy so this is the first digital illustration class being offered aside from foundations). I hear a lot of things in my community about artists who work digitally but can't draw or render traditionally. It makes me sad ={

Sep 10, 2009 by: Jynxie in: Sketchbook

Droids Cartoons For a New Era

I was watching the Star Wars Droids cartoons recently, and it left a decidedly '80s taste in my mouth, so I've set about updating the series with a few pictures. The choice of aliens was especially bad (since there weren't many at the time, and it wasn't a particularly creative time, apparently), so I've inserted aliens from established modern SW canon that fit the bill.

In this scene, Mungo Baobab is meeting a two-headed alien who has coordinates to the Roon system. I've replaced the two-headed orange man with a Troig.

Sep 4, 2009 by: Asok in: Sketchbook

Blowing off some steam

Hey all, it's been a while since I've been able to do much of anything....I blame Final exams.

Anyways, I was bored and started doodling on the train, keeping in mind that Wizard World Chicago is just around the corner. So here is a sketchbook image of Jynx....enjoy.


Aug 7, 2009 by: Jynxie in: Sketchbook
Here are some quick ideas of secenes, events, and ideas for a couple projects I am currently working on. These are very rough but all deal with a central story that spans the clone wars and through the galactic civil war. Actually almost every image I have in my gallery is of the same central story. Enjoy...
Here's a WIP sketch I've started working on. I'm getting a little better with photoshop. I haven't really drawn much of anything in the last 10 years so I am still shaking the rust off. I thought I'd post this WIP as added motivation to get it completed and for comments and critique. The drawing is of a Dark Jedi, one of Emperor Palpatine's dark side adepts raised on the planet Byss. He wears armor and will have a sith symbol tattooed on his forehead. :) --------------
Okay, get ready for nerd talk...and no, I don't mean the normal Star Wars related kind. Something that is not commonly seen is the process of developing artwork; however I have seen some phenomenal step by step (aka process) stuff among the blogs here.
I've been slacking a little on the requests lately... I've been busy with school, mostly. But I've also been working on a few things. Most notably, I have set out to render my most definitive series of portraits of Asok that I have ever done. This series is, in effect, exactly what he looks like. I've included all of his clothes and accessories (including the ones that Hish gave him!). I've put an awful lot of work into these, and now I've left it to Drig to color them!
Woohoo, I'm finally a guild member here! When I found the site a couple of years ago I was nowhere near good enough to join up. I'm still not amazing, but I'm getting there at last and I'm really glad to be here. The community looks great!
...he's the MUNCHKINATOR!
Lt. Derm was a X-wing pilot trainee. Being a Cragmoloid a special simulater was created for him. Paca or "dumbo" as his fellow trainees called him ( never to his face) Had a kind heart and a strong desire to defeat the empire due in no small part to his peoples enslavement. During his training he showed a great aptitude for fighter combat. All of his scores were high and everyone had great expectaions for the cadet. His skills were unmatched.