Death of a character

I was chatting with Hisham about this character scene. I told him I had woked a little on a scetch. He said he wouldn't mind if I finished and posted it here so he could see what I was working on. So Hisham, Here it is.....Once again with the no color thing. I am working on getting Photoshop CS3 ( and some instruction through a friend that teaches it at OSU Newark branch) so we will see later.

Will probable add some boots scampering up a ladder and a hallway later.

Apr 27, 2008 by: Casca1967 in: Sketchbook

Zabrak Jedi

I was sketching Zabrak and liked this one. I'd like to think this was a few years after Order 66. He went to look for his Master and discovered she had become one with the force.

Feb 11, 2008 by: Batty in: Sketchbook

"Come here"

Just having fun with my version of a Sith Master. Completely silly, but hey, it's my world. I've been looking at Adam Hughes girls too much.......

Feb 3, 2008 by: Batty in: Sketchbook
Jinni is a free-lance mechanic. She lost her right arm and right eye in a Tusken Raider attack on Tatooine. Her crude replacement arm has only four fingers, which resulted in the nick-name, "Four-Finger Jinni". She doesn't mind it though, as long as she gets to be the main grease-monkey on the starship. I had fun drawing this, I love cute girls with mechanical arms. joking joking....
It's a Trap!
During SWAG's dark times, without gallery updates or art requests and all that was left was the forum, a faithful few Swaggers huddled togther and tried to keep SWAG's spark alive by running a monthly theme contest. It was an informal affair, there was no voting, no winners and few rules; just an idea mutually decided upon and a loose deadline. Gathered here for the first time (including some WIP sketches) are some of my entries to those contests...
I thought i would create something that's improbable: A female Chiss Sith apprentice. If you could ignore the facts about Chiss rarely showing emotions and even rarer being force sensitive, then such a creature could exist. Since this is the Star Wars universe and my scratch paper, the improbable becomes reality. Hopefully I can finish this one at a later time. She's in the sketchbook for now.