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STAR WARS- Rogue Knights

While trying to do my own character..again. I was working with him from the Big Picture I had started before. I started modifying him and he turned out almost exactly like I pictured him. So I started to do the same with his apprentice. She also was turning out well. BUT, Being me, I started a series of other pics ( none of which are done). One I started was another Jedi. She, a Falleen, is almost done and looking very nice. So, I took off my apprentice, added the Falleen and am now doing a pic of what I believe my character would do.

Aug 21, 2012 by: Casca1967 in: Work In Progress

Steampunk SW - Tal

Steampunk Tal

Okay, second part of the Steampunk request for KaelWinters.

Unfortunately, my scanner has had *ahem* 'issues' and is not my friend at present. So I had to smuggle the picture in to work and use our poxy work machine. It's not brilliant, but at least it's here...

;o) ~ Mercy

Aug 17, 2012 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Steampunk Twi'lek

Steampunk Twi'lek

Right!! 'bout time I did some work...

Request for KaelWinters.

Jun 20, 2012 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Here is one of my current projects, I am part of a Star Wars RPGing Group, and one of the Player Characters is a patchwork Droid with a very mysterious past. He sat dormant for an unknown quantity of time before something inexplicable triggered his reactivation.
ARHG! Wrote a story about how I keep forgetting to save my progress on this pic and loosing it. Upload all the pics, and leave with out posting. I am cursed. Any way third attempt at this peice. Second was going really well. was looking great. Power surge after 10 hours of UNSAVED work..poof! Like the outfit here better. Need to make it look " real" though. The big question is..face paint, yes or no? I think it's creepier with and with the white too. Thoughts?
Decided to do a late-night Twi'lek sketch while I should be doing other things. Linguistic-y things... If you want to take over from here, Casca, I would be much obliged. ;) I can send you a high-res PSD if you like.
Here is a little sketch I did before I leave for work. If there are references to the discblade please let me know or I will be forced to be
Line art for UnnaturalGas's turret/scout ship. It lands upright and functions as a defensive tower on the ground, but flies longways with the bridge on top in space.
Working out a pose for this 15-16 year old. 20=25 year old would have been a whole 'nuther story. Waiting to go to the blob of color phase until I get a go or no-go from Anarchangle. I like the request. Just want it to be right for the person who will receive it. OK, so I got a message. I went forward without a formal go ahead, but I get so excited when things are going well afraid to stop to long with my attention span. Going to keep this one updated to show progress though.
I was stumbling the internet and found a pic called Angry Man by Daneille_T. It reminded me of a request I did for Rozali of a wild ( rough) Sith.