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Setie & Bryen scene

Setie n Bryen

New request by Setie:

Sep 30, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

The Art of Argument

I finally have time to part the clouds and impart a "first draft" for perusal and approval. I've deviated from the description here and there, opting for a more symbolic representation of the Mulls' relationship; I'd like to know if the changes are acceptable. First, rather than place any troops in the background I decided to bring them (well, one of them) forward, to be painted half and half. I've put Obar in a disturbingly small loincloth rather than a toga-like robe, but can redraw that should this not work.

Sep 16, 2011 by: Evan Black in: Work In Progress

T4-K2 Bounty Hunter / Assassin Droid

OK, at long last I have cobbled together ONE rough out of several design bits-n'-pieces sketches of T4-K2!!

Even though this is still just a rough sketch [and I'm pretty sure it has some serious proportional issues to work out], I gotta get a WIP blog going on this guy. As requested, I have looked at HK-47 as well as the MagnaGuard designs for inspiration.I think ultimately the only similarity to either is the central torso area, which has elements of both droids in it.

Sep 16, 2011 by: grendeljd in: Work In Progress
Haradion Gaarkyysh
Request from Slime615: "Haradion Drogon is a Zabrak, with a crown of horns along his head, and short Red Hair, about 2" log. He has not Facial Tatoos himself, except for a couple of lines. (example) This is because when he was a small child (about 4) his parents were killed by Trandoshan Slavers. The ship crashed on the nearby Planet, Kashyyyk. There he was found and fostered by a Wookiee Family."
Curiously the pictures I am trying to post are not showing up in my galley nor in the newest images gallery...yet after exploring they are in Rogue's gallery... I read the thing about the images disappearing and am thinking it is related... either way here is a wip of another rynn Zikiri Romany
Bounty Hunters
New comic cover for Lord Crumb: "Ka'rta is squatted down in front of Nath with her blasters pointed to the left and right corners of the pic. Nath is standing behind her with a discblade in one hand and his lightsaber in the other. The discblade it is blunt to keep with Nath's non-kill policy, unless it is absolutely nescessary. Nath also has Mandalorian chest armor that is an earth tone brown to contrast with his shirt that is tan.
A WIP of Seghast's request for a singular group of heroes. So far, have lines for the Mechanic... ...And the Pirate.
Final Update: all done! Had a great time working on this and figuring out how to use Photoshop to paint. . Update to the Update: finished pencils with just a bit of clean-up to do. . Update: full-body WIP image, hopefully the head-tendrils are more obvious... .
As most of you know, I've been hacking away at an "Invasion"-era fan comic. I've been having a difficult time drawing Luxum just right - her angles and perspective keep throwing me. So I decided to make a maquette model of her I can use as reference...because, you know, I'm thorough like that. That, and I really wanted to have a 12" model of her in my room. Ha! Anyway, I'm including the original design I came up with, in addition to the model. I'll post more photos as the piece progresses. Hope y'all enjoy!
I decided to create on some digital Expanded Universe cities, for my portfolio. Here are some of the illustrations I've done so far! Ataria City, Spira Due to it's large temperate zone, lack of dangerous fauna, and close proximity to the other Core Worlds, Spira was a popular tourist destination and resort world.