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Gungan Galleon!

For this blog I wanted to talk about my latest project, a Gungan Galleon..
I have to admit my inspiration came from a previous blog by JawaStu who mentioned that some kind of submersible Gungan galleon would be interesting. I just loved the idea and decided to try and create one for my next RPG session.

Oct 3, 2007 by: richmould in: Work In Progress

Brit face for coverart WIP

I want to make a poster for the darkfall group and will use this as one of the elements. Photoshop and painter like usual, took about 4 hours. I used the same reference for her with ClickPenPixieXstock on deviantart. I will add part of the body once I have an idea of the rest of the layout. I would love to make it similar to Struzan style movie posters.

Oct 3, 2007 by: stevecriado in: Work In Progress

Lady Araya WIP


This is to give you an inside look to my work in progress on your request. Let me know you thoughts if you have any. Obviously the color is slapped on to give me an idea of color balance of position before getting into the real stuff.

Thus far I like where it is going.

Oct 3, 2007 by: Lal-Khan in: Work In Progress
Berdan breaks out of Pleasantville
Here are the work in progress snapshots of CorranFett's Berdan Ngajio Angantire. The first is a very rough sketch of the character's post. The only major changes to its design are:
Here be the line art of Chief Captain's request for the Sullustan Tech. Please let me know if this is what you had in mind, and also feel free to make suggestion for coloring, albeit with the caveat that it may not be incorporated into the final product. Some ideas just don't translate onto paper, sadly. Well, I hope you enjoy the progress of the piece. Hopefully coloring will begin soon, possibly tonight.
So here is a rather basic sketch of what I had in mind... I dont like drawing hands so I made him stand behind the swoop so I could hide them. Im not quite sure if dimesions in this piece are correct... What do you think, are size between speeder and guy about right... I get blinded of my own work and fail to see such things myself. Lots of detail to be added and colours need to be corrected a lot... but this, I hope, will be the base. McRage ---Update 2007-Oct-09 ---
I've been working my TAIL OFF on the front view port. Gosh that thing was an absolute pain. As you can see I've cut the slots into it for the "transparasteel" inserts most of the details on the exterior are now done, I'm just going to do the hatch now. I want to detail the interior more but as there's a time limit to what I can do here, it's last on my laundry list of improvements to get finished.
Colors and shadows
What I'll do is I'll show the progress on the Gungan Slicer that Acheron requested as time goes by here in this blog entry. Sep 28 2007: Here's the black and white pencils which I came up with using Painter Classic. The form of the figure and the background will probably change some over the course of time. Good grief! I just realized that he looks like a hadrosaur, he does.
An update on my progress. Nearly finished, mainly just adding layers of detail, shading and highlights now. Perhaps the biggest task left to do is to extend those swirly markings all the way down his right arm, though I have to admit, it's quite enjoyable and relaxing to get lost in those patterns. Hopefully the next time you'll see this will be completed and in my gallery. EDIT: See the finished piece here. I currently have no intention of colouring this, though I may in the future.
Continuing in my quest to make Gungan's cool/sexy/scary and anything but Jar-Jar-like and inspired by this week's Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, here is my latest...