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Queen of Naboo WIP

A Queen of Naboo, requested by princesstabetha. I am greatly enjoying this.

Jun 6, 2011 by: Asok in: Work In Progress

Teenage Sasha

Teenage Sasha

New Request from Xanamiar.

Reprisal of an old picture (blog here), Sasha is now a teenager and has been sent back in time...

I'll load two pics up - one shows the etchings I want to have on her wetsuit. These mimic the various Polynesian traditional tattoos, especially Tongan and the Samoan Malu (women's thigh thigh tattoos). Since surfing originated in the Pacific I thought this would be a nice, but subtle, nod.
The other pic is with the etching removed so you can see what her stance is without them.

~ M

Jun 3, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Triss & Kieran

Triss n Kieran

New Request from Trisskar:

Jun 2, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
The crew of SWAG got hit with a nothing storm! WIP of my contribution to this month's theme - All's Quiet on the Swaggish Front. GET ON BOARD PEEPS! This will eventually have more characters crammed in it. So far there's Asok, Drig, Nibs the SWAG monkey and Casca lurking in the back. I've rough-sketched Judas, Tusserk and Mercy. If you want to be in this picture, SPEAK UP and I will mash you in somewhere!
Sara Kalenath Ordo
New request from Kalenath: Genetically enhanced to be a super soldier from even before she was born, she is one step removed from madness. So her family, which is a lot of people now INCLUDING my Bladeborn, are trying very hard to keep her sane now.
Nath and Ka'rta
New Comic cover for LC! "So, the new idea for the request deals with Ka'rta and Nath. It is another comic book cover with Ka'rta on one side facing away and Nath facing the other direction but they are holding hands. It will be the 25th issue of the Nath Tarncrest comic. The emotion on their faces must reflect the love but pain in their relationship. The background must match their internal struggle. Darker shade on Ka'rta's side and lightens up as it crosses over to Nath's side of the panel. "
Hana Kumori
New request from mev186:
Tussy's request HERE caught my eye and, well, after the amusement she's given us all, how could I say no?! So here are the various members of Tussy's campaign. Tuss, if I've neglected anyone PLEASE let me know, I'm sure I could fit em in!! ;o) ~ Mercy PS, will get back to the list after this, promise!
Request from DarNamell;
Jakira and Wen
New request from alicia: