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Sparks GM Screen

So, I'm at this again after the first two fiascoes. Let's see if this time around it goes any better.

I'm creaking a game master's screen here to sell at conventions to my players. One version will be tailored to my group in specific, while another will be more generic (<----basically that means one will have our 'guild' logo on it and one won't).

Dec 15, 2010 by: Jynxie in: Work In Progress


My inability to complete an art project that I dont HAVE to has lead to this....Tusserk! This I may get through as long as I dont complicate it with Asok and Drig in the background..( which I am concidering). Ok so I have unwittingly drawn and colored what is shown on one layer...this is a bad, bad thing. I will compensate and see what I can come up with.

Dec 13, 2010 by: Casca1967 in: Work In Progress

Bothan Knife-Fighter [WIP]

If you haven't worked it out yet, I am a very distractable, non-linear sort of artist. XD I can easily have over a dozen pieces in various stages of progress lying around the house, and it is very very very rare that I'll work on a single image, start to finish, without pausing to dabble with another at some point.

Dec 11, 2010 by: Tusserk in: Work In Progress
A request by Asok for my rendition of his character... First sketch - thought it was about time he was pictured with a gun! Not terribly happy with it, though, so had a second try. Second sketch - bit more pleased with this.
Ok, I've been working a lot on some things of the artistic nature. Most of that is looking at the work I already have and trying to decide where to go next, what needs work, ect.....all the responsible, mature things that an artist serious about their career needs to do from time to time. To be honest....I have been struggling a lot with what it is that I do. I kinda lost focus, interest, and what sanity I did have. So when I saw the challenge for a pin-up in CGHub I thought 'why not?'
Line art for Derf's request - Kloorai Pab, female Red Nikto medic.
3rd issue - Joss
New request for three comic book covers for LC's kids - I so love this idea!!
Heeeey, let's see me having a go at one of these WIP style blogs! Admittedly, I've been a little slow lately. I have an overcommitment problem, and I know it!! Not to mention the fact that I've decided to have another go at NaNoWriMo this year... why do I do these things to myself!?! But anyway, I AM actually still squeezing in drawing time, and I AM planning to actually get finished with some of these requests I have sitting around taking up forum space, not to mention the 3982749870981 things I still intend to draw one day for my beloved campaign!
Ra Shanaci WIP A new character for a new game... Ra Shanaci, human (Lorrdian) , a cool, smooth talking faceman for the Foster Corps squad. He's right at home in a dark seedy smoke filled cantina, or going for a 'stroll' through Coruscant's Red Light District. Ra grew up in the ghettos, his family was somewheres between middle class and poverty level. He honed his skills at an early age, and enlisted into the Rebel Alliance soon he was able to. Update: Ra & Oan Shanaci
Sexy Bothan
A request for swrpggm;