Cover WIP for "Meevo"

Cover WIP for "Meevo"

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Here's the work-in-progress for the cover of "Meevo", a science fiction novella for Kindle written by David Leyman.

Yet to be finalized!

this looks great Hisham.


Thanks, gang.

That little beast is creeping me out!!

But hell awesome. What'cha use? Markers? Watercolours? I feel like I can see a bit of both in action...

Keep your eyes in your head, buddy.


Aw, sweet!!
Nice work, Hish!

Thanks again, fellas.

It's almost 100% watercolours. The parts that are not it are digital work like the white reflection on the NBC helmet visor and digital compositing of the original artwork with the gun and a new background after the publisher asked for a change. I'll upload a second image, which is the full, untouched original artwork.

Third image is the final version.

I like the chubby little guy best in the 2nd one...

But the Third one looks really good too :)

This is Super-cool, man!!

I like the chubby little guy too, but the publisher requested a leaner, less-pudgy bloodthirsty, killing machine. :-)

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