BX-R41F(Ralph) - Mercenary Droid

BX-R41F(Ralph) - Mercenary Droid

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It's been a while, but it feels good to be drawing again! Here's some WIP shots of a request I'm currently working on.

6 Feb 2013 Had a week off on this, but I've nearly finished, just a few details and general cleanup to do. I might leave it a bit rough though.

JawaStu is back?? In full force???

Welcome back mate!! The piece is looking great!


Holy frak, I've admired your stuff from afar for quite some time now, pretty brilliant to see you in action!

totally awesome man.. welcome back :)

Thanks guys, it's good to be back! I'm just warming up, hopefully I can sustain this burst of inspiration! :D

great design...and the lines
. good stuff right there

that is one sweet looking droid you have there :)

I like the new position of the arm. It looks good with the contrasting shades as well.

This is awesome!


Awesome work!

I love you guys! :D

we wuv you too.... :)

Ho-ly schnizzle!! This is where I've gotta push past the feeling of 'omg I should never even try to do droids ever' and turn it into 'IF I NEVER TRY I HAVE NO CHANCE OF COMING CLOSE TO THIS'.

Inspiring to the point of intimidation. So dang good!

Oh no! Don't be intimidated Tusserk! :-o Droids aren't that difficult really, in fact, I think I actually find them easier than organic characters sometimes because it's easier to highlight and shade flat planes and hard edges. Throw in some vaguely engineered joints and blend some metallic gradients and you're all set! :) I hope you'll give them a go, they're actually a lot fun to design.

Hells yeah! I love designing droids... and this is fan-frakkin-tastic!

I have to side with Tuss on this one, Stu... I have such a dang hard time with straight lines!


Are you kidding? Straight lines do not a good droid make... especially not in the banged-up Star Wars universe. Besides, your latest droid is awesome, Asok :)

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