Ka'rta request

Ka'rta request

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New request from LC for...

"a picture of Ka'rta in a split panel picture. The top panel would have Ka'rta in her Mandalorian Armor with lots of dings, dirt, and sweaty. The bottom panel would have her dressed really really good. A dress split way up the thigh with a intricate design on it. I don't know a lot about womens clothing so I will that up to you as to how it would look. Elegant but sexy like she is attending some event or function on Coruscant or after an upscale bounty. Something that would blow Nath's boots off but keep it in the PG/PG-13 range. lol.

It will not be a comic cover for this one, just a regular pic. Title for the pic could be "I play hard either way" or "I play hard in any situation" The pose I also leave up to you. My mind kind of went back to Si Lencer and how she looked but with the Mandalorian background."

Sketch 1 up - first the pretty one...


Kia kaha

Glad you like, man!

Looking at it the arm appears to be out of proportion, the upper arm to long and the lower on the small side. Just thought I would mention it. Otherwise it is looking good so far.

Kia kaha

Yeah, fair call! Will see what I can do...

altered pic up - I like this a lot more!
Also, have added an arm-band, which I had wanted to put in as well...

She's looking very nice Mercy...

Thanks, Xan!

I am liking the arm braclet. Major kewl!

Kia kaha

Great! Will make a start on the next one tonight...

Looking Great Mercy!

Cheers, man!!

Every mando girl hides a beautiful dress somewhere bic ori mesh'la vod'ika (translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother )

Aw, shucks Eben!
Been battling with the second pic - will get it sorted soon...

Okie-dokie! Took a while, but I think I've got it...

She kinda looks like my mom... :/

lol, nice work!


She is looking great but I was wondering if you could put a diagonal line to split the different scenes. Maybe a jungle scene for Ka'rta in her armor and Coruscant with dressed up. If this is to much the just go with what you would like or you could drop a scene from a previous pic into the background.

Happy New Years to everyone in case I don't getting around to posting later!

Kia kaha

Asok - mum?! *issues!*

LC - yeah man, I can totally do that ;o)

Coruscant bg up...

That is a beautiful background
bic ori mesh'la vod'ika
translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother

Cheers dude! Working on the other half now...

Okay, other half done...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! You are such a talented artist that I think that there is nothing you can not draw. It is looking great. Love the backgrounds and can not wait to see the colored versions.

Kia kaha

Hee hee! Thanks man!!

MERCY!!! Those backgrounds are STUNNING!!! Augh, you have just blown me away.

Asok, does Mercy's drawing give you complicated feelings? XD

Ma ha ha!
Cheers, Tussy! ;o)

Base colours up...

I like the way you blended the trees with the city skyline. That is wicked.

Kia kaha

Cheers man!

WoooW when are you going to get us mooches to pay for this stuff

bic ori mesh'la vod'ika
translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother


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