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New Request from Trisskar:

Triss heard Leeto’s call and turned to see the Net’s, if not a second to late, it’s ensnaring web whistled as it folded and wrapped around her, dragging her to knees. Which was lucky as it aided her in avoiding the stun fire following the net’s pursuit. Hissing, Triss struggled with the net as she somewhat awkwardly used her saber to cut it’s trappings and free herself. The going was slow however the electric shocks the net administered to it’s trapped pray were painful. The net was a nasty weapon, designed to catch Force users and keep them from using the Force... but not crippling, at least not to one who had been under the wrath of her Master many time’s before. As Triss stumbled from the net and fell to hand’s and knee’s gasping for focus. A clawed hand grabbed her shoulder and hauled her upright.

“Prey ours.” The Trandoshan shouted to the others with a wide fanged grin. “Leave.” He picked Trisskar up as if she weighed nothing, threw her over his shoulder, started off and then froze.

“You lizards just don’t learn do you?” The soft, menacing female voice came from the doorway into the training area. The five lizards who had been guarding it lay in positions of violent death and a woman in brown armor stood there, a naked sword in hand. She shook her head, covered in a helmet and spoke again. “If you want to live through the next five minutes, lizard... Put my sword sister down gently and get the flarg out of here. Or die.” Suddenly her eyes, barely visible under the helmet’s visor, were glowing a fiery red. Several brown armored forms, all with melee weapons out, filed into the room behind her.

Triss propped an elbow up on the lizards back armor and rested her chin in hand, her other tapping the armor with impatient fingers as she stared over at the bladeborn that just entered, a smile painting her lips as she purred amusingly “Your late.”

Not quite sure what's happened to the sketches - they don't seem to be resolving...


Will it let you delete them, and try uploading again? Or have you already tried that?

Doesn't seem to be working. Grrr...

This is my sad face! :(

LoL Are you doing both scenes, the one with Triss/Kieran & Triss being sarcastic on a lizards back? :-p Wish the pictures would load!! *pokes the interwebz with a stick*

That reminds me....I gotz to put up a new post today.....

oh and Mercy...did Mev get with you on Kierans description?

Okay! 'got em working! Seems SWAG is not a fan of the ampersand (&).

Triss, I got a short description of Kieran from mev just today.

Unfortunately, it seems Kieran is not in the piece of writing you sent so he is not in the picture... (On reading the above I had assumed 'Kieran' was the woman in the cloak.)

If you had wanted Kieran in the picture perhaps you can tell me where that would be? What 'both' scenes - I only have this one you sent me!!
Were you requesting two pictures at once? (naughty-naughty!!)

No no....I think you may of Missunderstood! >_< It may of been my fault though... On Fri, 05/06/2011 - 02:06 I had sent you a request for Triss & Kieran with a description and a section of the scene. (Which I will post below) Later around Fri, 05/13/2011 - 15:02 I e-mailed you the scene above because I thought you would enjoy it as much as I did writing it, considering you have been following Triss & friends for a little while now. The women in the current scene is actually one of Kalenaths characters Shar (you did a picture of her once)

Im sooooo sorry for the mix up! I would never purposefully try and trick two requests at the same time out of you :(

~*~*~*~Original Request Below~*~*~*~

> I think I have new picture request :-p I know....I'm Terrible...:-p Let me know what you think :)
> --Triss & Kieran-- (This section of the story has yet to be posted, Which will make it's appearance - Here >>
> Few fact's about Triss at this time -
> * She still wares her usual attire, her outer robe is worn more often, with the addition of a long red scarf (Kinda like you see in Ninja games...those really long animated scarfs? :-p )
> * Triss' Saber blade is now Violet instead of crimson red due to Lord Darmuk confiscating it during her capture
> * Triss is victim to a nasty plague. At this point in time it's only just starting to show physical signs - slightly reddish eyes due to being dry and itchy would be the most notable though. Due to the plague she get's cold and feverish more often....hence the use of her outer robe and scarf.
> *******
> ***
> Triss heart pounded as she neared the black heap of tattered robes, her breath caught in her throat as she choked out "M..Master?" She knew it was him laying there, broken in a pool of his own blood and potions, all distroyed from the struggles that took place inside this room still, she couldn't allow herself to believe it until she stood over him. Triss stiffly knelt, a quivering hand reaching out to grip the shoulder of the prone sith lord in an attempt to roll him onto his back. Just then the subtle 'snap-hiss' of a saber caused her to stiffen more, the heat of the blade mere inches from her cheek. "That is far enough, Assassin."
> >
> The hum of the saber blade next to her ear was deafening, and she silently cursed herself for letting herself get ambushed like this. She knew better then to let her guard down. Her Master may of been a father to her...but this is just the sort of thing she would expect that traitorous snake to do in order to get her into his coils. And she fell for it, hook...line...and sinker. Still as a statue Triss weighed her options. She could tell the assassin behind her was a sith, or a very powerful darksider, she didn’t even have to turn her head to see the crimson blade mere inches from her left cheek and ear. Still, she would not die with her back turned to the enemy, and if this.....fool.... had wanted her dead he would of done so already. Slowly...very slowly muscles flexed and strained as Triss rose up onto her feet, the blade gradually following her progress ready to end her miserable life if she were to make even the slightest of sign of threat. "If...” Triss rumbled impatiently to the man behind her “... you know what's good for you, you will back"
> Impatience prickled in the force as the sith behind her responded "You are in no position to make demands, assassin. I intend to get all the information I can from you."
> Triss' eyes narrowed as she slowly turned to face her enemy, careful not to get too close to the offending blade humming gratingly near by, she could feel the heat of the blade dancing on her cheek "Your efforts will be in vein, I am no assassin, and I have no information to give you"
> "Do you take me for a fool ?"The young Man snapped.
> Triss rose a brow as she casted her gaze about the man before her. He appeared to be a bit older than her, ten years at the most. Young would be a first thought, handsome another. He wore the black, traditional robes of the sith order, his raven hair spilled over his shoulders and covering part of his pale face. He didn't look as if he did much in the way of physical training, but his pressence in the force told her he would be a formidable opponent, if not challenging. “Possibly" she sneered with a slight, almost too confident smirk at the corner of her lips.
> The boy’s gaze flashed in annoyance as he carefully moved his blade closer to her exposed skin, forcing her to tilt her chin up slightly to keep it from getting burned "Id choose my words carefully" His gaze then shifted and he snarled "Hands were I can see them or I burn a new hole in your face," This whole time Triss had her hand resting on her saber hilt ready to draw at any moment

Oh hey!! Actually, I do remember this!
Sorry hunny - I just went back to the last post you sent me and went from there. This is the pitfall of taking too many requests in advance I think...

Okay, anyway! 'S good, I will draw up a new picture.
Maybe I'll come back and finish the other one after too - I am kinda pleased with it so far!

Sorry to be such a grumpy-pants yesterday - had a real crap day...

Its okay ^_^ I didn't take it as grumpy or anything ^_^ I am sorry things got so messed up! I do agree though, the current sketch turned out rather awesome ^_^ so i guess that is a plus yes?

Definitely! Thanks hun, will get a new sketch up soon, k?

yip yip! No rush! *Hugs and starts refreshing the page excitedly* :-p hehe


Okay, sketch up.
Will work on a sketch of Kieran next - I want to drop it in as a panel to the right, maybe?


Nice!! I love It! To the right sounds good ^_^ Honestly would make sense to :-p disables her saber hand

I mean like a separate panel, darl. So you can see a clear picture of his face, since it's kind-of obscured at the mo...

Ah! Right....Still works i think. Only one way to find out I guess ^_^

Heh! True!!

I Love her expression! You really captured alot of subtlety. As for the panel, it's up to you. Whatever you do, I'm sure You'll knock this one out of the park, like you always do! :D

Aw, thanks Mev! You're a star!!

Got the sketch for Kieran done a day or two agao, but forot to load it...
so here it is!

Yosh!! I like! :-D

You are awesome Mercy! He looks about 90% the same way in my head when I write. I can't wait to see the rest!

Oh No!!!! I can't believe it!! I forgot one small...but VERY important detail!! Triss is carrying Sadiks sword on her back!!! Bleeeh!! How could I forget THAT?! >_< it possible to sketch in the hilt of Sadiks sword peeking out from behind her shoulder? If not it's no big deal....we can pretend it's laying beside her or something :)

....*pounds head on desk*.....

You guys are just having all kinds of issues here aren't you? Still looks like the finished pic will be awesome! :D

LoL well in some ways the problem extends to our story :-p I haven't mentioned his sword since they left the Jolly Gizka!!! Gah! Ah well....Better note of it when we press forward. Will have to come up with a fight that forces Triss to actually use Sadiks gift of protection :D

Yeah, that's no big - I think I can drop in a sword-hilt!


Oh! I don't think I mentioned Kieran's saber >_<. It's not that much different from any other saber, except it's blood red. And I suppose it doesn't matter until the final colors are up, still. I thought I might let you know now :)


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