Wedding request...

Wedding request...

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Swrpggm proposed!!

They've set a date of November 26th, so I hope I can get this done in time...
He tells me: "We both wanna be Jedi. I would like cyan lightsaber, and my fiance would like a purple one. she also said she wants her hair in braids."

I have links to the photos, but not sure if swrpggm wants 'em published...

Anyhoo! Here's my first sketch! Other than the necks being maybe a tad too long, I'm quite pleased with it.

Other than the necks being to long, I have no comment except... Looks really good.

I agree with the above. You make such pretty things Mercy. :) the slightly enlongated necks are the only distracting thing here.
So exciting! :)

The GM knows the will of the force.

Aw, thanks man! Okay, I've shortened the necks and also shortened your arm to keep in balanced... Look better?

Her neck is still looking way to long Mercy, I think you need to drop her shoulder, and raise her body .. ((that is if you want to keep her head on his shoulder.))

Okie-dokie, simpler solution is to raise her other shoulder - see new post ;o)

I don't know if you're looking for this kind of critique... The male, craning his neck - the chin should probably be level with the base of the neck. When a human head rotates down like that, the neck bends it all the way down in an arc - instead of the head rotating down from the top of the neck. This motion would put the chin at shoulder level (at the highest).


Hey Mercy... I took a bit to show you what I meant... though I could never do what you do, I can edit a little :) ...


That's about the length of the neck I'd think... but I'm not an artist.

EDIT: .. Oh and I shortened her arm too.

Asok, you're probably right and I will have another play with it.
Xan, while I appreciate your efforts I think her neck is now too short.


Sorry, Mercy, I really didn't want all this to be a "bash Mercy" session or anything... I'm sure it's going to turn out great, like everything else you do!


Up to you Mercy :) ... LIke I've always stated, I'm not an artist :)

No worries, I appreciate the constructive crits guys - will see how it looks in colour ;o)
(sorry, looks like this post didn't load when I put it up like 5 hrs ago! bother...)

Can't wait to see color!

The GM knows the will of the force.


Have shortened both necks, his more than hers, and I think this looks about right now.
Will start on colour soon, k?

(Skyrim is calling...)

Is always okay Mercy... :) ... Looks great.

Looks great!


Looking good!

Kia kaha

Looking awfully spiffy to me!! Haha, and I like Mrs-To-Be's lightsaber there, I wonder why....!!

And, haha, Skyrim. Yeeeaah, that's been the perpetual background noise in this house for almost the last whole week!

Had to leave skyrim long enough to breath...eyes cant adjust to the poor graphics of the real world.....This is looking really good Mercy. The whole neck issue is solved I believe. I probably wouldnt have seen it if I were not checking from Back to Tamriel...Got an Empire to save.

Ha ha ha! Yes, must Nord out!

Glad you guys like, anyway, will post again soonish!

Base colours up...

Weeeeee! Colors! :)
And, bonus, it looks like I have my summer tan on. ;D
It looks super cool already and she's not even done.

The GM knows the will of the force.

Heh! Yeah, I'm all pasty glory myself...

I don't like spam!!!

today's work up, will post again tomorrow...


Kia kaha

I'm the bride [ or soon-to-be bride ;) ] in this picture and I think it is BEAUTIFUL! thank you so much for doing this for us! your work is superb.

Yay!! So glad you like hun!! :oD


Kill it with FIRE!!

Tonight's work up...

One word for you so far, Mercy;


Thanks Tussy - you say nice things!! :oD


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