Rinas' Sketchbook

Rinas' Sketchbook

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Whoa nelly! Now that I know howthis works Imma just go at it from here. Also getting rid of that wall of text. If anyone is actually interested in the story behind any of these I am more than happy to share, but otherwise I am going to be typing a small novel explaining everything XD


EDIT as of 29MAY13- throwing in a few more odds and ends, enjoy?

OMG that Tendaji one. Where has it been hiding?! (Also making me laugh extra hard right now why does our ridiculously serious sinister plot have to also MAKE ME LAUGH SO MUCH DUE TO REASONS.)


The outrageously blue one? Uh, probably back in my old sketchboooookkkkk i think (DON'T WORRY I THINK I HAVE OUTDONE YOU ON LAUGHING TOO HARD FOR COMFORT AT THIS RIDICULOUSLY SINISTER PLOT)



(awesome sketchbook, by the way)



If it helps, imagine everything Rina says with a crazy Yankee accent.

I was thinking the same thing Asok.. Same artistic style, same characters being drawn... hmmmm.. maybe I should check ip addresses :)

HHheeeeyyyyyyyy I'm a redneck not a yankee :[

(guys you got it all wrong we're just Jekyll and Hyde-ing this party XD)

Love the nail polish colors in that last pic.. very nice... I'm sure they bring out the color of your eyes, whatever color they are.

AHAHAhahaha aaahhhh yeah, I don't always have a working scanner and my nails tend to bully their way into the shot XD

(funnily enough they are green! the perfect offset for dark purple XD )

Yeah, most women paint their nails to bring out their eyes :)

Them is Riddler colors!


AHAHAHAHA omf I am still laughing at Evi's expression, but also SO CUTE with Ora, ahaha, that isn't just after Ora, um, tried to give Evi some pancakes, was it??? XD Adorable-hilarious.

AHAHAHA YES. That indecipherable squiggle on the floor in front of her is indeed some regurgitated pancake XDDDDD

(i kinda still giggle even when i skim past these drawings in my sketchbook)

....HUH none of the comments i wrote in are actually showing up that I can see :|

Nope, they aren't showing up for anyone.   I'm not sure where you put them.  


I see where you put them..  They are in the title section.  Which titles the picture, but we can't see titles without going into edit mode.  I'll talk to Eclipse about maybe getting a Comment area on Blogs for each piece of art.

Update:  Eclipse is working on it.

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