Kaydra Leeronel - Female Human Tech from Donovia [Hisham]

Greetings SWAGgers,

I'll be playing in the Dawn of Defiance Campaign and wanted to see if one of you gifted artists might create a visual representation of my 'toon.

Kaydra Leeronel’s father is one of the renowned Donovian Rainmen, technicians that have a knack for fixing machinery. Growing up Kaydra spent more time with the machines her father would bring home from work than out chasing boys. However, her sheltered upbringing has blessed her with an attitude of perpetual optimism.

Kaydra has a build average for a human female. Her wavy auburn locks are worn down and unadorned. Her beauty is that of, “the girl next door.” Her dress is almost utilitarian – mechanic’s coveralls that look to have once been brown but have the stains, patches and general wear & tear of someone’s favorite attire. It is covered with pockets along with a belt both holding all types of tools and diagnostic devices plus a Heavy Blaster Pistol that nearly looks out of place. On her feet are heavy duty boots that come up to just below her knee that look to be better to walking the muddy trails of her homeworld than the promenades of Coruscant. The thing that most stands out about her attire is the bright flower print rain jacket that she is wearing with the hood flat against her back.

Thanks in advance and I can’t wait to you amazing artists come up with,