Female Nagai [Hisham]

Hey everyone! First off, Hey I'm Matt, or M@, and this is my first post on this here forum... I live in Phoenix AZ and I was directed here by a friend and GM for the Saga edition as a place to get a possible picture drawn..

Well, I'm looking for two characters, for two separate campaigns... the first, is a Female Nagai (about 18 years old) with two Tehk'la blades in her hands, and a bandolier full of knives. Pretty basic I'd say..

The second one is slightly more close to my heart and more desired.. it is a T3 droid with no legs. In place of those legs are a form of flying locomotion... not described except by me... I'd like to use rockets in place of them.

As for colors, I haven't yet determined stylistically, but I'm wanting a black T3 with a yellow sensor eye.. the rockets would be where the front legs meet the body...

If anyone can help me out, that'd be awesome... I suck at drawing... Let me know guys!