Morseerian Soldier (example pic included) [Asok] || [Hisham]

I'm looking for somebody to draw or paint a Morseerian soldier for me. I've included a link to a picture of the character my brother drew and posted on deviantart.

The character is Nallo Lanix, a former transportation pilot in the Morseerian militia. The Morseerians are a secretive race primarily known to the galaxy as merchants, but maintain an independent self-defense force on their homeworld in order to protect their interests. Nallo received advanced combat and flight training in the militia, and served proudly for over a decade.

Eventually, Nallo grew restless and bored with life on the homeworld, and decided to leave to explore the galaxy. Once Nallo retired, he contracted as pilot and security detail for a Morseerian merchant ship transporting goods to many different planets. Five years into Nallo's career piloting for the merchants, the ship's owner drew the ire of Zeelo the Hutt, a ruthless weapons dealer based on Tatooine. The owner had agreed to illegally smuggle weapons to a terrorist cell on Corellia, but his cargo had been impounded by the Corellian Security Force.

Zeelo secretly hired a pirate captain to seize the merchant's ship in orbit around Tatooine. Nallo fought valiantly, but was unable to defeat the band of pirates on his own, and was forced to flee in an escape pod in order to avoid execution. Unfortunately, the escape pod landed in the middle of the Dune Sea. Nallo would have perished quickly had he not been discovered by a passing Jawa sandcrawler, which came in order to investigate the escape pod for valuables. The Jawas agreed to transport Nallo to civilization in exchange for the wreckage of the escape pod.

Nallo has assumed a new name (Pono Waniri) to avoid the wrath of Zeelo the Hutt, but has vowed revenge against the Hutt and his cronies, and is training and gathering funds in order to exact his vengeance.