Female Near-Human (Hapan) Jedi [Lal-Khan]

Her appearance is similar to a Drow (Pathfinder), if there are better color schemes for her clothes that I didn't think of that would go better with her coloring then please voice opinions.

She wears a simple blue, green tunic and slacks under her Jedi robes, she has almond shaped red-violet eyes, her skin is a dusky purple, and she has copper-hued hair that reaches her shoulder blades which she usually has braided so it stays out of her face. She is in her late teens but still considered an adult and is lithe, slim, and graceful in build, she has long delicate fingers, and pointed ears. Most of the time she's seen wearing a black cloak that hides the Lightsaber at her belt, and if drawn with any props/holding anything it would most likely be her activated Lightsaber which the color would be blue instead of green.