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Steampunk SW - Tal

Steampunk Tal

Okay, second part of the Steampunk request for KaelWinters.

Unfortunately, my scanner has had *ahem* 'issues' and is not my friend at present. So I had to smuggle the picture in to work and use our poxy work machine. It's not brilliant, but at least it's here...

;o) ~ Mercy

Aug 17, 2012 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Steampunk Twi'lek

Steampunk Twi'lek

Right!! 'bout time I did some work...

Request for KaelWinters.

Jun 20, 2012 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Ka'rta request

Ka'rta together

New request from LC for...

"a picture of Ka'rta in a split panel picture. The top panel would have Ka'rta in her Mandalorian Armor with lots of dings, dirt, and sweaty. The bottom panel would have her dressed really really good. A dress split way up the thigh with a intricate design on it. I don't know a lot about womens clothing so I will that up to you as to how it would look. Elegant but sexy like she is attending some event or function on Coruscant or after an upscale bounty. Something that would blow Nath's boots off but keep it in the PG/PG-13 range. lol.

Dec 19, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Swrpggm proposed!! They've set a date of November 26th, so I hope I can get this done in time... He tells me: "We both wanna be Jedi. I would like cyan lightsaber, and my fiance would like a purple one. she also said she wants her hair in braids." I have links to the photos, but not sure if swrpggm wants 'em published... Anyhoo! Here's my first sketch! Other than the necks being maybe a tad too long, I'm quite pleased with it. Thoughts?
request from Anazider:
Setie n Bryen
New request by Setie:
Haradion Gaarkyysh
Request from Slime615: "Haradion Drogon is a Zabrak, with a crown of horns along his head, and short Red Hair, about 2" log. He has not Facial Tatoos himself, except for a couple of lines. (example) This is because when he was a small child (about 4) his parents were killed by Trandoshan Slavers. The ship crashed on the nearby Planet, Kashyyyk. There he was found and fostered by a Wookiee Family."
Bounty Hunters
New comic cover for Lord Crumb: "Ka'rta is squatted down in front of Nath with her blasters pointed to the left and right corners of the pic. Nath is standing behind her with a discblade in one hand and his lightsaber in the other. The discblade it is blunt to keep with Nath's non-kill policy, unless it is absolutely nescessary. Nath also has Mandalorian chest armor that is an earth tone brown to contrast with his shirt that is tan.
Teenage Sasha
New Request from Xanamiar. Reprisal of an old picture (blog here), Sasha is now a teenager and has been sent back in time... I'll load two pics up - one shows the etchings I want to have on her wetsuit. These mimic the various Polynesian traditional tattoos, especially Tongan and the Samoan Malu (women's thigh thigh tattoos). Since surfing originated in the Pacific I thought this would be a nice, but subtle, nod. The other pic is with the etching removed so you can see what her stance is without them. ~ M
Triss n Kieran
New Request from Trisskar: