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Sharek Torma, Miraluka Dark Jedi

Okay, here's the first sketch for the character requested.


Dec 15, 2007 by: Mercy

Macos Fenix

Request by CorranFett. Just an idea...

Nov 28, 2007 by: Mercy

Shandra Starwalker Request

Character request from Ryavar Darek.

Nov 25, 2007 by: Mercy
Sketch for the request by Lord Crumb. The Zabrak's dress may be a little small. What does everyone think?
A prelim sketch for the Sha'ala request. Thoughts?
Request for KnightStalker. Sketch for the picture. Not sure it's particularly Anime though...
Just an idea for the request posted. Not sure about the composition cause it doesn't show her face and I'm figuring that this is what you had wanted. I guess this is just an aspect of it - I can kind of see this as a part of a comic page... may be something to try anyway.
Hey, guys! I've only today found out you can do this! So here is the finished sketch. I'll also post the first coloured image. This is a bit of a break from my usual style, I wanted to try something a bit different. Can't decide between two images, though. I wanted the background character to look somewhat separated from the foreground one. Like a ghost, or a dream of this young man's future. However, I think that maybe the second picture is a bit too washed-out. So I dunno. What does everyone think? ~Mercy.