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Valkryie Cain

Valkryie Cain

Request from Eben Shadestalker:

Hey I got inspired by Trisskars bladeborn requests and made up a character of my own named Valkryie Cain a 20 year old bladeborn Assassin but can hold her own in full scale battle as well she wears a white cloak a bit like the Assassins creed Charcaters She carries
10 throwing knifes in a belt with to medium size daggers on the sides of the belt and 2 swords crossed on her back

Feb 13, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Tusserk's death... (by Mercy)

Keiran & Tussy

Ohmygodohmygod - HAD to give this a go!!

Beautifully written scene HERE. Will attach when finished piece goes to gallery...
~ Mercy

Feb 10, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Drig by Mercy


Okay, having completed a rendering of Asok it's about time I do one for Drig too!

First sketch here is really just a first try - I realised only after finishing it that I had stuffed up his arms (they have another 'elbow'). So I'll give it another go and post again soon!

Feb 3, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Request from Kalenath: Jikirt is a Kushiban.
Anrak & Kage
New Request from Seghast;
Request for a new Character from Trisskar; Age: 18 -23ish Race: Human Skin Color: Kind of an Native American, Chestnut skin color Eyes: Autumn Brown Eye's with flecks of crimson. (*Kael lost the last few thoughts of reality as he gazed down into her beautiful autumn eyes, noticing for the first time the red that seemed to creep in where it didn’t belong. Some might have found this incursion of color off-putting, Kael however found it even more intoxicating*)
A request by Asok for my rendition of his character... First sketch - thought it was about time he was pictured with a gun! Not terribly happy with it, though, so had a second try. Second sketch - bit more pleased with this.
3rd issue - Joss
New request for three comic book covers for LC's kids - I so love this idea!!
Sexy Bothan
A request for swrpggm;
A new Request from Kalenath;