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Triss in a dress

Triss dress

Trisskar mentioned to me, some time ago now, that she would love to see her character, Triss, in a dress. She's such a tom-boy, and I've done so many pictures of her as such, that I got quite excited by the idea! So it's finally transpired that the scene has been written and Triss has, indeed, ended up in a big swanky dress.

This is about my fourth attempt at sketching the picture and I'm still not really that happy with it. I had tried to keep Triss' trademark red ribbons but I don't know it's worked that well. So I may change the whole thing in Paintshop...

~ Mercy

Oct 24, 2010 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress



New request from Trisskar for a picture of her little friend, Tails!
I've done a bunch of sketches, I think I like the one on the top right of the 3rd page...

Oct 23, 2010 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Arik Vandar v2

Arik Vandar v2

Request by Mev186 for a new picture of his character.
Pictured HERE with Triss.

Oct 2, 2010 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Crystal Roshia - Grey Jedi
New Request from Xan for an update of this Character. Wikia site here.
LC and Sharshea
New request from LC: Sharshea is the descendant of Shasa, a young Selkath trained in the Dark Side of the Force and rescued by a redeemed Revan from her Sith Masters during the Jedi Civil War.
Huby 'bad luck'
This request from Derf; Huby “bad luck”, foreman of repair “Hangar 337” Huby is a man strapping man, of average age. He is a former soldier who lost his legs at the time of an accident. He tells that it is in full combat which he lost his legs but rumours claim that he would have made an error of piloting at the time of the drives. Legless cripple, Huby moves using a droïd base with eight legs. The support droïd advances a little with the manner of a crab and all kinds of tools exceed mechanical system.
Cullen and Truk
About 1200 years before the events in A New Hope.......... Cullen Stillwater(pictured), a Jedi Padawan who is sadly weak in the Force, crashes on a planet that has been cut off from the rest of the galaxy since before the formation of the Republic and the Jedi. He's captured, sold into slavery, and forced to fight arena battles. That's where he meets Graxxon Truk (also pictured) and the two form a plan to escape their bonds and depose the corrupt government that has enslaved the world. Original sketch by Judas! Stay tuned to the colour by Mercy!
Eben & Jasmine
This request from Eben Shadestalker; Eben Shadestalker is a 30 year old male with brown hair and black eyes. As a Sith Hunter, he uses a lightsaber (your own design). He wears knee-high boots, black pants and a sleeveless shirt with a black cloak over the top Jasmine Sunstyder is red haired female with emerald eyes. She wears black high-heeled boots (shiny), tight black pants that show off her form and a brown leather holster for a high power pistol is on her thigh. A white shirt and black leather jacket complete her clothing.
Fiola Shaku
New request from I. J. Thompson; "Okay - I've been playing this particular character for almost three years, whom I've never made a request of to anyone, because she's just so dear to me. Fiola Shaku is a musician of modest fame, who has since found herself on the wrong side of the law, and on the run. She's cheery and upbeat, but with a sarcastic side, and she has trouble allowing herself to care too deeply about others.
Dark Man
REquest from Mev186; The next villain I have could be very tricky or easy depending on how it's done. He's called The Dark Man. The reason why He's called that is because He dresses all in black not exposing a single inch of skin. Instead of a Darth Vader like visor He wears a simple metal mask to cover his face. Strangely even his eyes are concealed. His appearance is based on King Baldwin in Kingdom of Heaven. He also has an apprentice named Nysis. She's a miraluka that dresses in white.