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Idjit vs Ravishaw

Idjit vs Ravishaw

New request from Kalenath:

Here is the scene as I laid it out. It was set in Ravishaw’s throne room in his underground base. Throne rooms come fairly standard I think, dais with a throne on it, control panel within reach of the throne and a table near the throne. A door near the back with a shadow lurking there, Vorren the Imperial agent assigned to help Idjit in his investigation is no match for a Sith Lord in close combat and knows it, so he will stay FAR away.

May 29, 2010 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Tarncrest Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Request from LC - This is gonna be epic!!

5 characters;
LC and Joss in the middle (sketch up)
Asil and Eliza to the left
Nath to the right

Just getting the sketches done first.
Then I will try and put them together into one picture.
Background, etc.

Bear with me - this may take a while!
~ Mercy

May 20, 2010 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Triss and Sadik - Bha'lir


A new request from Trisskar;

"Here is a re-quest for a double Bha'lir Picture (Male and Female together)Bha'lirs are large cat like creatures, very similar to the Savannah lions. Reference (Don't really like the picture they provide though >_<):

The two Bha'lir's represent two well known characters ^_^ Trisskar Vander & Sadik of the bladeborn

I would like for each Bha'lir to kind of have similar trademarks that connects to their human counter part.

May 17, 2010 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Request from alicia;
Non-Star Wars request from Xanamiar; "The character is a female gambit type character. She is a thief, and a card shark. She wears a coat similiar to that of Gambit .. But I want her to appear a lot more "sexy" than Gambit. she would wear clothing to cover up her skin for the most part, but it would be form fitting, and not armor.
Imella Flyve
New Request from LAKilroy: Imella Flyve, Pilot/Sith Apprentice Currently am using a picture of Domino from X-Men, and would like to continue to use it on the wikipage. I would like something more Wroonian in appearance. Also, hoping to show a couple of her tattoos. Attire I leave entirely up to you.
New Request from Rozali; After watching the blockbuster hit "Avatar' directed by James Cameron, it inspired me to form a new charcter that took the drive home from the movies to form his creation. Sex-male height-5' 11'' specie- acrobatic and flexible human homeland-Coruscant occupation- freelance mercenary for the native felucians age- 26 eye color-deep silver face type- one similar to sam witwer (galen marek) hair color- shaved sweaty trim of black other- tribal tatoo on forearm and very dirty and muddy
Mama and Ona
Request from Kalenath. Scene from the on-going story HERE in which Mama Lizard (Barabel) comforts Ona (Bothan), a healer of the Bladeborn. I find this an interesting concept, partly for trying to convey emotion on non-human faces, partly because the subjects are also dark-siders. Stay tuned! ~ Mercy
Bella vision
Okay! Bellatendris has asked me to take a look at her request here and I've finally managed something I'm kinda happy with. So here's Bella; I'll have to drop in the other two characters once I've finally drawn them to my satisfaction...
Nizari (Echani)
New request from Trisskar: Nizari is a clan of elite assassins (all female) that works for the sith council...or a high price. The members of this clan also go by the name of Nizari. Confusing one would think, but an easy means of avoiding...detection.