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Sen Holo

Sen Holo

A new request from Seghast;

Dec 31, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Rynce Winterstar

Rynce Winterstar

Gettin my groove back...
So! A new Request from Razor;

Dec 30, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Arik Vandar

Arik Vandar & Triss

Jedi Knight Arik Vandar. He is about 30 years old. Dark, brown hair, Mostly unkept. He's a nice guy, but a bit of a troublemaker. He would have that, "I'm up to something" grin on his face. He wears a standard Jedi Robe, although it is a bit dirty and worn due to the fact that He's a bit of a slob. He wields a green saber.

This guy comes to Mind when I think of Arik:
Except of course, Arik Smiles more :P

Dec 30, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Xiahou Dan
This is a request from Purcell. An interesting sort of story, since I was originally asked to complete this particular request by a guy calling himself Xiahou. It was only after I had accepted the request that I found out that this character had been stolen word for word from the Wiki site Purcell had created!! Check this out here for full details...
Continuing the series for Lord Crumb, and following the pictures of his character and that of his wife Asil, here is the request for the three kids!
Shades & Cyare
A new request from Setie; I was hoping to get a pic for a scene from a story I'm writing with a fellow RPer. for if you want to read it. :)
Adira and Xian
A new request from KaelWinters; "Xian is a Korun from the gosh Windu. Basically a human sub species from the same tribe as Mace Windu. Xian at a young age joined the Empire. This was of course while the Empire had been returned to Sith rule. Xian did not favor the Sith but liked the order brought about by the the previous Emperor Fel. When agents loyal to the Emperor Fel discovered his true loyalties they transferred him to the famed 501st legion.
Kalessa Isara
A request from Kalessa;
Steampunk Nagai
A new request from CenedraNasio;
A new request from Trisskar; "This time it is with one of my new and favorite NPC's His name is Reiji. He is a very vain and colorful character. If I were to compare him to an animal, I would say “Crow” all the way! Reiji is an Assassin to a guild called the Thieves Guild on Taris, Triss's home town. He carries various different kinds of weapons depending on the situation, a collection of knives, and sometimes an overly fancy side blaster, which he rarely uses and mostly wears because it's shiny.