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Jai-Li Zhao

Jai-Li Zhao

Request from Xanamiar;

Sep 18, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress


Nautolan Pirate

This request from thatoneguy;

"My character is in an online game called star wars combine. The time frame is set pretty much after the movies were set and we went from there (10 years in). My character is of the Nautolan race, a race that lives underwater (yet some live above water).

Sep 13, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Family Portrait - Mainyu, Trisskar & Mina

Family Portrait

Original Request by Mev186;

"Hey Mercy, I Had this Idea of a 'Family Portrait' Of Our Sith Characters! Besides Mainyu an Triss, there is another member of their group that goes relatively unseen. A Nine/Ten year old Girl Named Mina, She was discovered by Mainyu when a ship crashed on Lehon. Her hair is black, done up in pigtails. Her skin would be very pale because she has a condition in which her eyes are over sensitive to light. She is Mainyu's lab assistant, so she usually wears a lab coat.

Sep 11, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
A request from bellatendris; Her: Royal blue (and I mean glowing sapphire blue) skin, blue eyes, black tattooed eyebrows, lekku longer than average. Curvacious, running to nicely plump, and very, very feminine. About five six, give or take. Clothing: (This is long, but please bear with me, I was going for detail as much as possible- the following description is from a work-in-progress of mine and is considered my intellectual property.)
This next request is from Sulkon88; "I was wondering if you had ever taken a stab at mandalorians by chance. My other main Forum RP and hopefully SWTOR character is a mandalorian mercenary named E'han Varid. I'd say he's pretty much every bit the younger mandalorian who wants to achieve greatness like Cassus Fett and later on people like Jango and Boba but during these days it's hard for a mandalorian to reach that level so he's been working his way with a mercenary band that includes Jae and other mandalorians."
Bryen Nargon
Next request is by LAKilroy; "Jedi Padawan Bryen Nargon My image of him is something like Legolas Greenleaf from Lord of the Rings. His hair would be darker, light brown instead of blonde. Long partially pulled back, just to keep the front out of his face the rest still hanging below his shoulders.
Jedi Pupils
Okay, I'm now so far deep in requests that I feel I need to post some sort of running count. I've been doing this on paper at home but it occurs to me that all you lovely people that have made these requests of me might want to know how far away they are!! I'd like to point out that this is NOT an invitation to add to this list! If you want a picture drawn up please PM me as usual - I don't want this to start resembling a school sports sign-up sheet... Anyway, here's what we've got as of today;
Asil Ryland - Female Human Tech Height: 1.67m (5’5”) Weight: 64kg (140lbs.) Eyes: Blue Hair: Red and just below the shoulders. Her hair is usually in a ponytail. Equipment: Earpiece with mike. Computer tech on the left wrist with backpack. Holdout blaster on her right hip. Clothes: Jump suit (one or two-piece) with equipment. No armor, it just slows her down.
Dieter and Lorelai
A request from Purcell; "My first request is Lorelai Rio my female Zeltron freelance doctor in her late twenties. She is your tipical Zeltron beauty but with a little geek in her. Light pink skin with long black hair with some red tips/highlights/streaks and brilliant green eyes. I would like her attire to complement her profession but also be practical, no lab coat or anything like that but maybe a medical satchel, trousers and a sleeveless top with soldier type boots? She is also armed with a single blaster pistol kept on her leg.
New Request from Trisskar for another character, a newly appointed Jedi Consular named Ahrissa;