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Riorden Delmon

Riorden Delmon

A request for a new Character by Setie;

Riorden Delmon is a taller man who has the face one expects to find on rogues and scoundrels; not on jedi. His hair is a shaggy mane of dark brown that he has taken to pulling into a stubby tail with age as it grays. His gray eyes were often seen as cold when he was younger but now seem more like a brooding storm.

Jun 27, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Triss & Mainyu

Triss & Mainyu Fighting

A request from Mev186 for a new picture featuring those previous characters I've drawn, Darth Mainyu and his apprentice, Trisskar. Here they are in an action pose, fighting alongside each other in an as yet unwritten scene;

Jun 21, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Jarrax Volk

Jarrax Volk

Request by the man of the same name!
Got PM'd about this one and have finally worked through my list of requests to it, so here we go!

"The definition of "Leonine" is a a furred alien, with a lion-like body, and a wolf or wolfdog-like head. One thing: Leonines do not have super-long pointy muzzles (just rather wolf-like or shorter). Since Jarrax is young (only 22), he doesn't really have a mane--just a bit more fur around the neck, I'm afraid.

Jun 12, 2009 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Sasha McCloud
A request from Xanamiar; "Ben McCloud - 50 some years old. Ben and Shayla met back up again, and ended up falling in love, after Shayla got her memory back and apologized for her actions. Ben is wearing the kind of X-men outfit that we see in the movies. However, his outfit would need to reflect his ice abilities.. so either a light blue, with a frost going up it, or something else that would befit him. X-men logo belt to match the outfit. Brown hair, brown eyes.
Ta'ena Zollo & Atramilitis
Another Personal Request! This one from LAKilroy32;
A personal request for a character pic for Sulkon88. This is a brief excerpt from his Character WIKI. "Appearance
Kaelyn fighting
There's a wonderful, detailed description of this character in the request HERE - actually, she reminds me a lot of Jarael, another part-Arkanian woman in the Knights of the Old Republic era, I believe. There's some fantastic pictures of her online... Anyway, here is my sketch for Kaelyn. Unfortunately I ran out of paper at the bottom and couldn't fit her feet on... So this may have to be set somewhere misty! Let me know what you think, k? ~ Mercy
Sadik & Triss fight
New request from Setie, to go with the last two;
Amarath - Kiffar Merc
REQUEST from Setie, to go with the 'Sith Runnaway' Picture; "Amarath Shades is a kiffar mercenary with a rather intimidating appearance. At least now. An accident with explosives took her left arm and eye, causing her to get cybernetic replacements. She doesn't have a lot of money though so her mechanical limbs are second hand and no where near the nice sleek and human looking ones (like Luke got in Empire Strikes Back).
Sith Runnaway
A request from back in October by Setie; (original HERE) "She was born on Korriban and raised a sith in the old republic era but couldn't cut it and eventually took off before she got killed, much to the anger of many.