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Torchwood Rift Town, Doctor Who AITAS

I've been playing other role-playing games this past months. It's been awesome. I've drawn my characters in those games in my blog and I thought I'd share it with you guys:

The first is from Eclipse Phase from Posthuman Studios, and I play Hokusai Tarnungshaut the uplifted octomorph currently a hired gun with the hypercorp named Fastball Express.

May 25, 2010 by: Hisham in: Non-Star Wars Art

Kieta Bayurn

Kieta Bayurn inked

Jan 27 - Pencils
Feb 5 - Inks

Jan 27, 2010 by: Hisham in: Work In Progress

Subpro JS-77B Shuttle (Done)

Fo sho

A new type of artwork for SWAG... Comic book format! From Star Wars: The Interstellar Boogie #25, a double sized issue!

What do you think? Needs more pouches?

Edit#1 (Oct 14 2009):
1. I love Digital Strip font.
2. A better your mom joke.

Edit#2 (Oct 15 2009):
1. Color wash! WASH!!!!

Edit#3 (Oct 27 2009):
1. Highlights!

Oct 6, 2009 by: Hisham in: Work In Progress
As requested by one mister Ironraptor from the forums. Bull is a Cragmoloid and Dozer is a Baragwin. Edit (Oct 6 2009): I realized that ths scar is down the wrong eye, so let's flip the sucka!
V2.0 pure pencils
Herein lies Celia Rotudila, a pretty Zelosian scout from Zelos II which is infested by those infernal aga, kro and kilit. Derf requested her in this thread. Update: Friday, August 7 2009 I realized that I've used this head post before, with the Iktotch Jedi in my gallery - complete with holding a lightsaber almost exactly in that position. So I sketched a new head onto the body.
A better background
Lanin's request on the forums. No thumbnails, no planning... it's just straight into it with the tablet with Painter Classic using the brushes itself as pencils and painting over them to get the overall shape and posture of the Verpine. Still haven't painted in his clothes and equipment.
Frobi's request, done in Painter Classic. Still have some ways to go before it's done.
Here's what I got so far. More coming. Will try to finish before I go for a business trip out of town.
Details on the cat
Ryavar Darek's eponymous request can be found here at this thread. Here's the digital pencils as well as the initial slapping on the paints onto the canvas. I did away with the cloak to show the robes underneath in an action pose. More to come! Nov 15 2007: Done and uploaded.
Berdan breaks out of Pleasantville
Here are the work in progress snapshots of CorranFett's Berdan Ngajio Angantire. The first is a very rough sketch of the character's post. The only major changes to its design are: