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A Milestone of Sorts


Take a look at the number of images we have on SWAG. Shouldn't it count as a milestone for the site?

Here's to another 2500 more and beyond!

Sep 29, 2007 by: Hisham

Gungan Slicer - WIP (Done)

Colors and shadows

What I'll do is I'll show the progress on the Gungan Slicer that Acheron requested as time goes by here in this blog entry.

Sep 28 2007: Here's the black and white pencils which I came up with using Painter Classic. The form of the figure and the background will probably change some over the course of time. Good grief! I just realized that he looks like a hadrosaur, he does.

Sep 28, 2007 by: Hisham in: Work In Progress

Old is New and Of Higher Resolution

I have realized that some of my old stuff on SWAG is not just low resolution, but bad quality low resolution thanks to my ignorance of how image optimization for web works back in those days.

So I have dug out a bunch of my old artwork written onto CD and just uploaded the larger images with no further touch ups onto the site.

Here is a list of the entries with upgraded images.

Sep 24, 2007 by: Hisham