I'm not dead. Just busy to an extreme. Stealing time to draw is a huge luxuary. This request was almost done, but lost along with all my other drawings when I bought a new computer. It's for the best though, since this is far better then the last one.

October 2, 2015 by: Drig in: Work In Progress

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I currently work as a lunch man (a rare species), as a kitchen manager for an elementary/middle school and I am accustomed to manual labor in central California's intense heat. I also moonlight as a conniving dug smuggler named Drig. I love to draw. I loved to draw before I was introduced to Star Wars in which we did not make good friends at first. I sadly am not the guy that saw Star Wars in the 70's and has fond memories of the never-ending Star Destroyer. I do have fond memories of The Phantom Menace which drew me into Star Wars and I'll never forget the two Jedis looking out over the planet of Naboo from a Trade Federation Vessel and how much I wanted to be there. I found the next best thing, Star Wars RPG, and I was invited to live in Star Wars in the dark corner of my mind where I'm still currently lost as a Dug Smuggler with my Gran copilot Asok Yeesrim and I don't want to be found...

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June 10, 1987
Reedley, CA
Pen, Pencil, Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Cucumbers and Chainsaws
Just a heads up, I'm leaving the US for a little while and will be back in roughly three weeks. I'm going where there is no Internet so I won't be around but I will be drawing! Trying out drawing on my brand new iPad! Be back soon!
Here is Skog's Character up with black and whites! Next up is Andy the 21-B Droid! If there's anything you'd like changed Skog, let me know!
Well heres my black and whites for it. Haven't done black and whites in a long time! Usually start with colors now. This request was originally done by Asok as a padawan as seen here: http://www.swagonline.net/node/5428 Requester asked for her to be updated to more "healer" look since the character has aged and is almost a Jedi Knight. If there's anything you'd like changed danikreuzer, let me know!
Initial Blobs of Grey!! YaY! Edit: B&W Sketched! Now for some color?