Male Zabrak WIP

Male Zabrak character. He's a recon/scout/sniper, so I figured positioning him in sniper-mode would be coolest. Any comments or suggestions?
2nd stage: finished his skin tones. I'll be working on his facial markings as well as his bicep tattoo. I'm still trying to figure out a background....

I appreciate the comments. I chose to go with a different take for the facial markings. I went for something a little more familiar. I had a ton of fun with this character and I look forward to more from all the awesome character creators!
Acrylics and ink on board



I like the pose, this is going to be a great finished piece.

As far as the facial tatts - at first glance, I had a distinct impression of a tire tread pattern running down his face... I'm pretty sure this wasn't your intent! Perhaps thinner & more numerous would work better? Maybe it was just me, though.