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So, if you read my blogs you know I spend a troubling amount of time working on creating the perfect Chiss Clawcraft. Jeff Carlisle (our very own Lupis the Bold) has helped me out a ton on that particular project. Anyway, I was showing off what I had to JawaStu the other day, and he mentioned to me that he'd love to see a hangar scene with Chiss and the Clawcraft. Of course I'm not sure I feel comfortable doing that level of work today, however... I'd love to work up to it. And with that in mind, I started thinking. Some Chiss technology (and don't get me started about the difference between the Empire of the Hand and the CEDF) is very Imperial in design (i.e. Empire of the Hand "EotH"), and if the subject is clawcraft, then I'd expect to see more of this Imperial influenced technology. So, in the Chiss-like way of taking Imperial designs and making them better, I present my concept work for an EotH Clawcraft Fighter Helmet.

Please comment, I'd REALLY love feedback on this.




As a fighterhelmet it looks cool. But it doesnt seem to be enough imperial design though. You can never see an imperial troopers face. And they seem to be fond of using way to small viewports in all their designs... helmets as well as vehicles... hehe...


As I said, "Making it better", plus this way if there were an actual Chiss pilot inside it, you'd get to see their red glowing eyes, which I think will be eerie cool!


Evan Black

It's certainly suggestive of Imperial design. I also enjoy revealing the pilot's face. It's a more humanizing effect, which is only draws attention to the fact that the pilot would clearly not be human. I can't wait to see red glowing eyes coming out of that! I'd also love to see the rest of the flight suit. :)


I had a feeling that somewhere I had read a description on the flightsuit of the chiss pilots somewhere in the New Jedi Order books... I couldnt look through them all, but I found this little tidbit mentioning the helmet in perticular.
It is from; Rebel Dream, Page 277 (paperback)

"He pulled his helmet off and gave her a return smile. It was a half smile, the left side of his mouth, brief but encouraging, for her alone. Then he pulled his helmet on again and was the anonymous pilot once again."

Thats is the only metion of the helmets I can find... allthough I seem to remember that there was no way they could see Jag apart from his fellow chiss pilots when they were all in uniforms, that he was a human, I mean, but I cant find that quote anywhere, might have been just in my mind.

Anyway, I like your concept, but dont really think it fits the imperial/chiss design. The pilots of the clawcraft really have no need for wider vision since their viewport is so small anyway.


Actually, there's been some talk that there are camera's mounted to the exterior of the craft, and that they have a much wider view than a typical TIE pilot would.

I'm also totally happy with the idea that this could all be "mark II" work.



I like this design. a little bit Imperial and yet, not. one thing I wonder about though; wouldn't the helmets have a slight tint to them? I don't know much about a chiss' eyes, but wouldn't they be more vulnerable to bright lights and such? Still, this is very, very cool.


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