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Soo... After more talks with Jeff, and lots more modeling, I've got the Cockpit essentially finished, I finally updated the wing supports, rebuilt the spine of the ship, and after all this, rebuild (from scratch) the entire tail to and bottoms, and integrated them into the wings to make it one piece (you can see this in the back view). I think this image is looking really amazing for where I'm trying to get to. More details are needed on the surface, but I'm still hashing that all out. For the most part, it is what it is at this point. A little more work will go into the engine housing to give it some radiators, but aside from the detail work I want to do on the tail/wing integration piece, this is REALLY close to the texturing zone.

*sighs* Texturing, oh man am I ever NOT looking forward to that! At least there are plenty of places to hide my UV seams, but it's going to be difficult. Of that I'm sure.

So my macbook bit the dust this past week. 2 whole days of me w/ no computer to model on. :-( Apparently my motherboard just died. Yay apple-care, they just replaced it no questions asked, but still, kind of a pain. Just goes to show how much more often I need to back up my stuff. I've got pretty recent backups, but it'd be nice if I had instant backups like the next OS X will get me. I'm very much looking forward to that.

Well tell me what you think of the images, I'm working really hard on them, I hope that's obvious at this size.




Woah! This looks amazing, man!

So much detail, it's awesome. Great job, this is shaping up to be totally kick-ass. :D


So where can i buy one for my fighterpilot and can i get it custompainted? *s*

SERIOUSLY GREAT work man and YES it really shows how much effort you have put into this!


This is an awsome model. So, time to skin it soon? I would love to get a copy of your model to put a skin on it when you are done. But mapping it might not be so much fun...
It is kind of odd though that the designer of this craft limited himself to that miniature window to look thrugh, especially since starfighter combat is so fast and maneuverable. But I guess they got good sensor equipnent to make up for that.

Evan Black

Looks snazzy! Out of curiosity, have you done the internals of the cockpit? Or is this just an external project?


I've done the floor/walls/back panel and then the front panel needs a lot more work. I still have to do the seat, control yoke and sensors and stuff... but it probably won't get done for a while. Still lots to do on the exterior.



I cannot wait to see the final product! I tingle with anticipation!



Very nice. It'll look great when it's finished. I sometimes do Warhammer and Rackham models, but I don't really have the room to do much with them at the moment, and trying to get all the detail with the painting can be a pain at times.


I know how much time/effort/passion you've put into this project... Awesome job, the images look fantastic.