The Eye of the Storm

I'm unsure if the worst of it is over, or if I'm just standing in a calm spot. Things were really hairy there for a while, and now I feel as though I've hit my stride. The site's coming together smoothly, and stuff is looking really good. I have yet to get the look and feel nailed down, but a lot of the really difficult tasks are done. That's a really good thing, but there's still a ton to do. My "TODO" sheet is fairly extensive, but slowly, surely, I'm marking chunks of it off. The biggest tasks left now are the request system, and the re-import of users. I'm unworried about the user issue, however the request system needs a little guidance. I'm considering a couple possibilities, but as of right now, they're either too feature heavy, or too lite. I want to use the feature heavy version because hey, it's got everything I need, heh, but by the same token, if it's too complex to use, then that does me no good. I can build my own request system, which might work great, I'm just a little concerned with the final product. Ultimately I need something that's going to work, and scale well, so... I have to think this through and play a little bit. Looks like a need another sandbox heh.

I've not even started on the handbooks yet, but I recognize that I'm going to need them. I want people to be unconfused when submitting work etc to this, so I'm going to have to put in some good elbow grease up front to achieve that end. I also seem to be running low on headlight fluid. Better run to the auto shoppe.