Gencon Day 3

Before I start, a quick note... it is imperative, for the sake of the site, that if you had a login to the old swag, you reset that login's password on this site. I've tried to make it obvious to people that your old login will still work, you just need to follow the video I put up on this site to reset your password. If this won't work for you then contact me on the swag forums that are still on the live site, and I'll get you taken care of.

So, I know what you're thinking, "Where are all the pictures?"

Let me assure you that just because I forgot the product that allows me to transfer images from my camera to the laptop does not mean I'm not taking pictures. I took lots today (costume day) and once I get home I'll post them.

Day 3 was basically just me running around taking pictures and getting Rodney Thompson to sign my Saga Edition RPG book. I'm going to try to get Chris Perkins and Owen Stevens to sign it tomorrow as well, but... who knows.

This evening was great fun. Jason (the friend who came to gencon with me this year) and I went out to eat with Jeff & Lisa Carlisle, and some of Jeff's best friends. Great fun all around there and then we came back and had a 3 vs 3 battle royal in the hotel room. Rodney brought a friend from WotC and we all made 20th level characters and beat the tar out of each other. Very interesting to see the sort of damage that non-jedi/sith can deal out. One side (dark) was all force users (and eventually won) but not before some serious condition track manipulation. The lightsiders but up a huge fight and there were numerous times I was afraid of the outcome (yeah I was dark). Anywho... you all should have been here, we need to have a huge swag get together one year soon. Maybe sometime after we get the site back up. :-)