I think it's official...

The Star Wars Artist Guild is DEFINITELY BACK!

I've been looking over the numbers for swag, and frankly... we're making a pretty huge dent in the server we're on currently. We single-handedly moved a little over a Gig of information yesterday, and that is JUST AMAZING to me. Hish mentioned yesterday that he might need a thesaurus because "amazing" just wasn't going to cut the mustard all the time with as much cool stuff as is happening around here, and frankly, I have to say I agree.

Now granted yesterday may have just been a "big day" since we sent out the mass contact to get all the old people coming back. Some of those emails failed before they finished sending, so there are still more people to contact, and I'll be addressing that hopefully in the next couple days, but the vast majority made their way out.

With all this new activity, and the fact that we (I) want the volume of visits to significantly increase, we're going to need our own server, and our own server space... and that, unfortunately, means that we need to google ads on the site. Currently they aren't generating a ton... I mean, it'd take years to get the kind of money we'll need for our own server, so I'm playing with them to get better targeted ads for us as a group so that they're actually useful to the user-base of swag, AND I'm going to add more of them. I feel like I've intruded on our real-estate an awful lot already so the rest of the ads will be going on the bottom of the pages. So keep that in mind because if there's something you like in the top ads, then chances are there might be more stuff you're interested in the bottom ads. That will go up probably today. Once we evaluate that, then we can start making some predictions as to when we might actually get our own server.

All in all, everything is REALLY exciting and I'm so amazingly stoked at how well things as going around here. As always, you people are what makes this site worth running, I'll keep you in the loop as thing progress.



Don't worry about intruding on our space, Eclipse! If it keeps SWAG alive, do it! We won't mind, I promise. I just don't want to see SWAG go down again.



Wow Asok...

I hope everyone feels the way you do. I promise I'll do my best to do anything that I do as elegantly as possible.