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I've been working my TAIL OFF on the front view port. Gosh that thing was an absolute pain. As you can see I've cut the slots into it for the "transparasteel" inserts most of the details on the exterior are now done, I'm just going to do the hatch now. I want to detail the interior more but as there's a time limit to what I can do here, it's last on my laundry list of improvements to get finished.

Hopefully I'll get to start the hatch sunday. If that happens I anticipate it finished early next week, maybe this weekend, depends on my time frames. Then I just have to clean up the spine of the ship some and the wing struts. Then it's texture time... I'm looking forward to that and scared out of my mind at the same time. hehe

Anyway, here it is, enjoy and give me some feed back!




Looking great Kris, I can't wait to see this coming together with the wings and all! I hope you find time to detail the interior some.


Love the detail on this Kris, having worked with 3D applications I can appreciate the work that’s gone into it.

What 3D modelling / rendering software do you use?



Thanks, good to see another modeler around here.

I use a product called modo, and if you've not used it, you should REALLY check it out. They offer a free 30 day trial, all except that they let you re-register the trial as many times as you want, they just want to know who's using it. Also it's fully functional which is totally awesome. I have a licensed copy, but not the newest versions (which has some z-brush like qualities to it). It's easily the best product I've ever worked with and I've worked with maya, lightwave, 3D Max and more so yeah, great product. Check it out at Luxology.