So yeah...

I might disappear for a little bit come friday. Now I know what you're thinking... "It's thanksgiving, we might all disappear." but yeah, not for that reason. Come friday they're taking me into surgery and cutting teeth out of my skull. I'm so excited! (not really...)

I'm one of those folks who, believe it or not, have a big enough mouth that I could actually keep all my wisdom teeth, but unfortunately, the last of them decided to come in cock-eyed. :-( 3 came in just fine, the 4th is wedged against my back teeth. So I have the honor of being put under, and then cut upon. I've never had surgery of any sort before, so I'm a little... anxious.

Anyway, all of that to say that if images don't get put up for a few days come this weekend, don't worry, I'll be back. :-) I'll probably designate a guild member to handle it for the next week or so. I've got a couple people in mind who might fit the bill.

With that in mind, I'm going to take this time to wish all of you who will be celebrating Thanksgiving this coming week a happy Thanksgiving.




Hey Kris, I know how you must feel waiting for surgery, I had an operation earlier in the year and for weeks before it that was the only thing on my mind. Fortunately, it wasn't even a fraction as bad as I anticipated it to be, I'm sure it'll be the same for you! :)

I'm lucky to have not had any problems with my wisdom teeth, though that's only because I had 4 or more other teeth taken out when I was 11-12 years old to make room for them! Some of those were done under local anesthetic - while I was awake! - no fun at all!

Best wishes, Stu.

P.S. Google Ads are amazing! There's a banner ad for vampire fangs showing under here! :p


Hey, getting your wisdom teeth out isn't a big deal at all. Yeah, it is a little scary when they say surgery. But, I had mine taken out while I was AWAKE. Damn insurance wouldn't pay to have me put under...thats besides the point... Just be sure then when all is said and done, you have someone else drive you there, and home. That you take care of your mouth, use the salt-water rinse that they instruct you to use, get listerene (flavor of your choice) to follow the salt water rinse, and just eat a lot of soft foods until your mouth heals. The worst that can happen is that they have to put you in a strong antibiotic, in which case you will need to drink A LOT of water, and eat regular meals so that the antibiotic doesn't wind up hurting you physically.

That all said, good luck!


Thanks all! I'm going to have to visit this page a few more times and see if I can get those crazy ads lol! Yeah I'm hoping that I'll just bounce right back after the surgery no problems. I go in 9:45am Friday (CST) so today and tomorrow are pretty much it.


Yeah I hear ya on that one. This is one of those things I've known I needed for like... 2 years, and I finally just decided it needed to happen and now. So I went to the Oral Surgeon like... 2 weeks ago and scheduled it for this friday. They offered me earlier but I couldn't swing it. I'm just hoping I'll heal in time to take part in some Thanksgiving festivities.


Thanks, I'll heed that wisdom. My teeth kind of suck anyway. Doesn't seem to matter how much I brush or floss or anything, the dentist always say I have cavities. So I've been trying to be super good on all the teeth maintenance stuff. So I'll be super picky about this one cause I want to be healed fast.


PS: ooooh, there are the vampire fangs!


Ok... so I survived! Apparently it only took about 15 minutes. It's kind of funny because I've been completely lucid since waking up in the dentist's chair... but despite that some details seem difficult to hold on to for long periods of time. Kind of interesting. Anywho... I'm super tired, so I think I'm going to roll over and fall asleep for a while. Thanks for all the positive energy everyone was sending my way. :-) I appreciate it a lot.



Hey Kris,
Glad to hear you're okay, you should've bumped your blog to the top or something!

I was the same when I came to after being in surgery, I felt wide awake, yet hazy at the same time. I wonder what it is they use to wake you up from the anaesthetic? It's good stuff whatever it is! :p