So... yeah, I'm not a pervert...

So here I am updating the site and getting some new work from Travis Moore up into the system. Great stuff by the way, however... I noticed that all the thumbnails are of the boobs. Just for the record, that's an automated process designed to catch something that might be interesting. Apparently however this combined with Travis' normal method and size of drawing stuff yields boobs for results. And while I can't say those aren't "interesting" it is amusing to me just how "effective" the system is being in this regard.

Oh well, nothing is perfect.

So, Gencon day two:

It's only half through day two and I was called back to the hotel room to do some remote work back at the office. However, I did take time to hit the Star Wars RPG update this morning. Great news there all around for us RPGers. If you have Saga edition (which if you don't you should DEFINITELY go buy, the book is great and frankly, it is so great to see the system overhauled with such loving care to details, ease of play, and fun) you'll be happy to hear that the format used for the book (the square cut, hardback, full color) is going to be the format of all the Star Wars RPG material from this point forward. That means Starships of the Galaxy will be the same format! There's lots of interesting stuff that looks like it's in the pipe, but a lot of it was minis related, which I'll confess to not being particularly interested in. That aside, if you'll refer to my First Day of Gencon post, you'll note that there's some very compelling stuff coming down the pipe in regards to a digital way of playing and game-mastering your own D&D stuff through a computer application that can be played online with your friends. While they're not committing to anything with Star Wars (there are licensing issues that need to be sorted) that doesn't mean we won't see something similar for the Star Wars RPG! They would ultimately like to move into that realm with Star Wars as well, and so we may get to see that very interesting and impressive technology ported to the world we all love so much.

With that said, I'm going to close down the laptop and head back to the Convention.