Well... it took a while

But it's finished (mostly)...

The images that make up the vast majority of what IS SWAG are now up and working. My father helped me out a HUGE amount, it took roughly 8 hours today to finish this process, and I could not have done it without his help. We still have a small handfull of images to go through, but it's something on the order of like... 150 images. I'll be organizing techies to take care of this shortly.

I'd like to note that we had to make some semi-educated guesses about who's stuff belonged where. 99% of it SHOULD be correct, so check your galleries and make sure everything looks kosher. I'm calling it a night folks, hopefully this will get up in place of the current swag this week.



Hey! This worked really well dude! You (and Dad) did an aamazing job... Good going!

If you still need some help I am able to help, I wont have as much time as I had a month or so ago... But I should be able to put a few hous per week if needed.

An now a little feature request:
A next button when viewing an image in someones gallery... or... keep the thumbnails on the right side when looking at an image. The same box that is on the member page of a specific member, but showing the images closest (in submission time?) to the one beeing shown.


Yes! Excellent work, Kris! You are the man! Well, not "The Man", but... a really cool kind of guy. Great job!

Travis Moore

Thanks for getting all of those images up and thanks again for all of the hard work you've put in to getting SWAG up and running again!


Hey guys, it's my pleasure really! I'm just excited to see SWAG back up and functional.

McRage, I'd love to do your idea, there are some technical things I'm going to have to wrap my head around to make it happen right now, but I'll try to put that fairly high on the list of things to do as I've been thinking the same thing.