Yup, still working on it...


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So yeah, I know it's been literally 4+ years that I've been working on the Clawcraft now, but I really do think this will be the last time through! Honest!

Seeing as how I've not updated my personal website to show my work on the ship in well... ages, I figured I should at least share here. The following image is what I've got going on for the cockpit exterior at the moment. I have some crazy notions of things I want to do to get the interior going as well but I need to get the rest of the exterior details on it before I start worrying about that too much. As usual Jeff Carlisle (Lupis the Bold) did all the drawing work and I'm just trying to do it justice in a 3d environment. The detail level has REALLY been cranked up on this version! I'm trying to finish the exterior and get a very basic interior done rather soon here and then I'll be working up all the textures. I'll not claim to be the greatest texture artist in the world, so I'm going to have to pull out all the stops and learn a couple new things as well. That said, I'm hopeful that this will really go well.

I'll continue to put my updates here for the time being.




Hmm, I don't think I understand. You're rendering the ClawCraft in 3D inside and out? I don't think I understand how this process works, but it sounds like a lot of work!