Expense Patchwork Droid [Request]

The story of this droid begins with Lytan Sazet a wealthy young Falleen that wanted to have a very extraordinary droid at her service so she had D3-T8 assembled from an assortment of parts of several different droid models. D3-T8 combined the personality of a protocol unit with the utility of an Astromech as well as functioning as a security droid when needed. An amazing amalgamation of qualities from different droids all merged into one unit. 


  1. The body of this mix and matched toy that someone out there skillfully placed together.
  2. The shoulder plates off of the droid (from another customized toy sculptor).
  3. And the red and golden color scheme from this droid.



That first one reminds me of bird arms...  (Warning:  The preceding link contains graphic language.)


I recognize that second one. Sillof is amazing!