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I decided to create on some digital Expanded Universe cities, for my portfolio.

Here are some of the illustrations I've done so far!

Ataria City, Spira
Due to it's large temperate zone, lack of dangerous fauna, and close proximity to the other Core Worlds, Spira was a popular tourist destination and resort world.

Hikahi, Dac
A major spaceport on Mon Calamari, Hikahi was built around a series of islands.

Hand of Thrawn, Nirauan
The five towers that resembled an out-stretched hand, were built an energy-absorbing stone amongst a harsh red landscape.



That is so delicious!

Gave me a sort of 'Greek Islands' feeling, not that I'm familiar with them at all from personal experience.

Heartily looking forward to more!!

Eben Shadestalker

Dude this is awesome and will prove helpful do you take requests for this kind of thing?

bic ori mesh'la vod'ika (translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother )


These are so amazing! I want to have a vacation cottage in each and every one of them!


Nice, Frank-Joseph. I always wanted to run the Spira Regatta scenario from the Star Wars Adventure Journal. Glad I waited til you painted these before I do.


Thanks so much, everyone! They were super fun to do! I may have a few more coming up, which I'll post back here! You guys rock!


Ataria City was a seaside city on Ataria Island on Spira. Ataria City, Spira Due to it's large temperate zone, lack of dangerous fauna. This is one of the most amazing and interesting city to visit.
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