I've finished coloring the flats on the last of the WIP lineart sketches I've been working on. Now I can start going back to do the detail work.

The Aquavians share the planet Mantithea with the Vourren. They are the species that took in and raised the young stranded Tranoj. Physically they are a head or more taller than the average human. Above their shoulders are overdeveloped lungs, which the use in concert with their powerful legs and webbed feet to be skillful swimmers. The also have elongate "wingfingers". A webbed membrane is attached from the tip of the wingfinger to the ankle. When unfolded, these wings and their extremely low density bodyweights alow them to be masterful flyers.

Weather aloft or at sea, they love the hunt. This passion spills over into their culture where they have become reknowned as master blade smiths and swashbucklers. They are also very skilled at starship design, evident from the widely versatile O-Wing series of Starfighter.