Hot Shot

I've finished coloring the flats on the last of the WIP lineart sketches I've been working on. Now I can start going back to do the detail work.

Rogan Kher, Codename: Hot Shot, grew up as a troubled youth on Chandrilla. She was inspired as a teen by Senator Mon Mothma, but joined the Imperial Army in order to escape her rural roots, regardless of Motha's political preaching.

At the academy she quickly found there would be little chance of advancement for a woman working as a comm technician. She turned her frustrations to the new found hobby of firearms. During her first tour she controlled the comm traffic on several Stromtrooper missions that outlined exactly how discriminatory the Empire was to aliens and women alike.

She defected to the Rebellion, where her comm skills were useful, but her marskmanship soon became legend. She was recruited into Lt. page's commandos where she performed several missions with the Bothan Skrit Ney’bsiem. He eventually wrangled her a place as the sniper for Nexu Squad.