I've finished coloring the flats on the last of the WIP lineart sketches I've been working on. Now I can start going back to do the detail work.

Th Bothan Lt. Skrit Ney’bsiem, Codename: Jackal is the hand-to-hand combat expert in the Rebellion commando unit, Nexu Squad.

He was the son of wealthy merchants who secretly worked as broker's in the Bothan spy net, though Skrit never had any knowledge of this fact. He was an egoistic, vain bully as a youth. His mother enrolled him in martial arts training early to try and teach him some respect and self discipline. It backfired. He learned all of the fighting moves they could teach him and none of the concepts behind them.

While he was away at boarding school, the Empire learned og his parents' role in the spynet. The Ney'bsiem estate and family business were destroyed and the family accounts were frozen. Skrit, a spoiled brat of a young man, was left with nothing. He joined the Rebellion not becasue he believed the idealistic tripe the spewed, but because it would allow him to hurt the Empire.

Naturally the Rebellion tried to use him as a spy. He hated it and was so bad at it that he nearly brought about the Rebellion's downfall on a botched mission. Throughout all this he was overly defensive and would scrap with anyone who looked at him sideways. Even as his superiors were planning to eject him from the service, Lt. Page saw in him a lethal weapon that could be used in the right environment. Page placed him in the commandos, where he eventually earned a spot as second in command of Nexu Squad.