Maj. Racksala

Major Ciaria Raksala, codename: Vertigo, is the commanding officer of Nexu Squad, one of Lt. Page's Rebel Alliance commando units.

Vertigo found as a youth that, while she had control of powerful pheremones like all Zetrons, she did not share there intense emotional attachments that defined so many of her race.

As she grew, she played the role of a good Zeltron pleasure hostess, but used the opportunity to hone her pheremone control and objectively study how it effected various species.

As with so many individuals in the galaxy, Imperial induced tragedy ruined her life as she knew it. She then began a single handed crusade to harm the Empire. Before long, she caught the attention of the Rebels and was recruited to join Lt. Page's commandos. She quickly climbed the ranks. Her analytical mind and superior interpersonal skills landed her command of Nexu Squad.

Vertigo is just as at home on the battlefield as she is at a royal ball. She is adept at disguise and, through her many charms and pheromone control, can easily coerse most beings to her benefit.

Her actual physical design is a mixture of different representations of Zeltrons that I have seen. She has the red skin the Marvel comics Zeltrons. The black eyes and shoulder spines were influenced by a gray skinned Zeltron who was kidnapping a baby from the Jedi temple in an issue of the Star Wars Tales comic.



I like this piece! I like the backstory, and how the initial art piece looks. Its nice see'ing a Zeltron not in the typical stereo-type for a change. I never cared for the shoulder spines, but thats a minor point. (Besides the comic, the RCR zeltron picture also had them).

Couple things:
- Right arm: just dosn't look right. Might be the lack of detailing to show otherwise, but at the moment, the arm looks like its pointing forward with the elbow. It would look alright and proper if we were looking at her backside. Its how the arm follows the slope of her bust, then the elbow pointing out, and no inner-elbow bend markings.

- Left arm: from the shoulder to the elbow - looks a bit long, and the elbow to the wrist looks a bit short. There should be almost equal proportion of length for both arm segments with the elbow being inbtween.

- Left leg & foot: The leg gets really narrow at the knee, like an hour-glass shape. And the angle of how the foot is twisted - for the way the legs are kept so closed together rather than a sure-footed wider stance. Just looks off to me.

I'm no artist, but a good benchmark check is try standing in that pose & stance yourself, and infront of a mirror. Or try standing in that pose/stance that you've drawn and see if it's do-able.

Otherwise, I think everything else looks good! I like the muscular arms, lean abdomen and torso. Perhaps the legs could use a bit of muscle on them. The broad shoulders and chest look alright, supporting for a muscular frame. The short cut hair fits her.


Definately not bad. One thing you need to know though is that those "shoulder spikes" as you called them are just ornaments attached to the skin by adhesive, not part of their bodies. She also looks rather older and a little too severe looking.


Thanks for the comments. Knowing that about the spines, I think I will remove them. As far the as the disproportionate arm goes, I'll have to see if I can fix it in Photoshop, since the die is already cast on the line-art.


1/12 - I added the 2nd pic today. I removed the spines and was able to lengthen the pistol arm. I may look at that knee as well. Maybe not. ?

I've also started shading. I think the face turned out okay. I may need to work on the arms yet.

Are there any good tutorials for foing hair in Photoshop?