Malin - Mando/Former Clone Pilot

This is a sketch of another one of my custom figures. Malin was a clone pilot who defected to become part of Mandalorian society. He took on elements of traditional Mando armor while keeping the best pieces of his GAR kit.


Eben Shadestalker

How did you make that figurine cause i want one ..... NOW


It was a POTF Boba Fett Torso, 300th Figure Boba Fett legs, Galactic Marine arms & kama, a random head (I think it was from a Jurrasic Park figure) and a AOTC Clone pilot bucket.

The Galactic Marine arms have really small posts and DO NOT snap into the POTF torso. I ended up tieing them into the torso with fishing line, king of the way old GI Joe arms were held in by that rubber band. I think if you used a newer Fett Torso, the GM arms would snap in pretty nicely.