Young Tranoj

Tranoj was a Chiss who was left at the Jedi Temple as an infant under mysterious circumstances. At that time in history, no one knew his species, but he was taken in and was discovered to be Force sensitive. As with all Chiss, he matured rapidly and by the age of seven, was apprenticed to Jedi Master Trouper Siralos.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine sent the pair off on a mission, to the Unknown Regions, to discover the fate of the missing Outbound Flight vessel (a mission actually designed to rid the Jedi Order of one of it's brightest masters).

Siralos and Tranoj were ambushed and crash landed on the planet Mantithea. Siralos died in the crash leaving Tranoj trapped. He took what meager supplies he could, including the hilt of his Master's lightsaber, which had been damaged in the crash, and set off to find help.

He was found by the Aquavians, who welcomed him into their society, but being isolationists, would not help him reach the Republic again. Thus, he was raised among the Aquavians and missed the Clone Wars and Jedi Purge.