LX-00 'A Scary, Scary Droid...'

Request from I.J. Thompson: 'LX-00 (Lex) began his life as a relatively-obscure 'shepherd droid', designed to corral any kind of livestock on any world. To accomplish the task, Lex and the rest of his line were equipped with electrical prods, sufficient to deal with the gentlest or most ornery of animals. Somewhere along the way, Lex was stolen and reprogrammed to become an instrument of torture, which the droid has come to enjoy wholeheartedly, even though he is, by all accounts, completely heartless.'

I. J. Thompson

Dredwulf60, this is a great design! I never could've imagined that 'Lex could look this cool. You've really captured the idea of 'farm machinery gone bad'! :)

And the lighting - spooky, spooky, spooky. Thank you so much for this amazing work... I can't wait for the other players to see him! :D


YAY, THE EYE XD. This is so creepy and cool. I love how he looks like he's just about to attack!


I.J. :
I'm glad it works for you. :)

Thanks guys, for the compliments!

I'm glad I've been able to snag a bit of time to do this stuff again.


I like how you've matched the details of function to the image. In that regard, just something to note from a design aspect: I noted that you wanted a potentially tall droid for an imposing characteristic.

As a result, the droid design is actually in a kind of kneeling position on the main drive tracks. The actuators on either side of the 'torso' can lift the torso up for another meter or two of height.

Also, the 'neck' is bent over 90 degrees, and the head is on a powered-hinge arrangement. So, he could potentially lift that head straight up to look a Ronto in the Eye. ;)

Ok...maybe not a ronto. They are REALLY tall....but...something not quite Ronto-sized.


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